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July 28, 2018

Take Me Away Recap - July 2018

Why does the summer have to go so fast?!!  Just when you think you have so much time left, it's suddenly time to start thinking about school again.  Luckily, most New Jersey schools don't start until September, but still.  I feel like we should be planning more, experiencing more, traveling more...and then I also feel like we should be relaxing more...I am fully aware that we have limited time before my kids are off to college.  How on earth have we have used up 12 and 14 of our 18 summers already?!  Can we just slow time down a bit?

As July is winding down, let's take a look back at the travel posts linked up to the July Take Me Away Party!  

Amy from Ms. Toody Goo Shoes took us away to picturesque Regensburg, Germany...

Amy shared photos and travel stories from this enchanting town in the Bavarian region.  What a beautiful trip!

And then Amy shared her thoughts on River Cruising...

Whether or not you have cruised before, Amy's post will give you some great insights about the type of cruise that would be right for you.  I learned a few things...and I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the cabin she stayed in!

If you have ever thought about going to Iceland, be sure to read Amy's trip report...

Not only did she share some pretty street scenes and travel stories but she has such a great sense of humor!  I am sure you will love reading about her adventures!

Then travel with Carole from From My Carolina Home to Kensington Palace...

With all the interest in the royals these days, it was so exciting to take a peek inside the palace.  Whether you are interested in the jewels, the architecture or just learning a bit of history, you will want to stop by and take the tour with Carole.

And while you are on that tour, make sure you don't miss Kensington Gardens...

It looks like she traveled during the perfect time of the year to see everything blooming.  Beautiful grounds and informative stories to go along with the tour!

And what trip to England is complete without a stop at Windsor Castle and St. Georges Chapel...

Carole shared some stunning photos of the exquisite architecture - inside and out.  Between her observations and history lessons, you will feel like you are traveling along with her!

Now head back to the US with Our Unschooling Journey to ZooAmerica inside Hershey Park...

If you are like me and think that Hershey Park is all chocolate and rides, be sure to stop by and take a tour through the zoo!  Sounds like Hershey really does have something for everyone!

And speaking of rides, Our Unschooling Journey shows us the rides you can experience at Hershey Park...

It looks like early June is a great time to visit Hershey Park for park discounts and fewer people.  I need to make some notes for next year!

And while in the Hershey area, why not make a stop at Indian Echo Caverns...

A fascinating tour through some amazing limestone caves.  What a great idea for an afternoon excursion!

Bonnie from Living with Thanksgiving took us away to tour the beautiful Gardens in France...

Bonnie shared several garden tours where one was more beautiful than the next.  Stop over to her post is see if you can pick a favorite!

Mia from Home Life also shared some colorful scenes from a nursery...

What an abundance of pretty plants and flowers!

Thank you to everyone who joins us!  If you have a trip to share with us, please note that our parties take place on the first Friday of each month!

Be sure to join us!

In case you missed the recent Take Me Away Party recaps, here are the ones from 2018 so far...

Take Me Away Party Recap - June 2018

Do you have any trips planned this summer?
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  1. The summer seems to fly by just a bit faster each year.

  2. I am a summer girl and here in the midwest we have such a short summer season so I try to enjoy everyday. Happy Weekend.

  3. Thanks Shelley for the feature. I'm still thinking about several of the beautiful images you captured from your Hawaii trip.

  4. What fun this recap, like a European tour! Thanks for hosting!

  5. Thank you so much for the feature, Shelley! I hear you about the summers flying by. Enjoy the rest of the summer with your family -- college does come quickly!


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