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August 30, 2016

Blue and White with Sunflowers in the Foyer

Over the years, I have collected a few pieces of blue and white porcelain..

Blue and White Ginger Jar with other porcelain on my foyer table
Some are newer like this lidded ginger jar and candlestick.

Blue and White with Sunflowers
Some are much older like the vase in the back left.  It was a wedding gift from 18 years ago.

Blue and White Porcelain in the foyer
One of my best friends brought the cute little teapot back from China.  It is ironically, sitting next to a wooden box that my old boss brought back from his trip to China!  They did not go there least I hope not - lol.

Sunflowers in the foyer
And these lovely sunflowers were part of the centerpiece at my niece's wedding this past weekend.  Aren't they gorgeous?!

Collection of Blue and White Porcelain displayed together on my foyer table
A few Homegoods finds are mixed in.  I have had the artificial topiaries for years.

Sunflowers and blue and white porcelain bird
And I think the bird was from Hobby Lobby.  They used to carry a few cute pieces.  I need to shop there again.

Classic blue and white in the foyer
I decided to put my little collection together in the foyer.  Usually, most of the pieces can be found on the shelves of my office.  I thought it would be fun to bring them out where they could be seen.  Most of the time, only my dog, Rosie and I get to enjoy them!

I had the foyer idea after bringing home one of the centerpiece bouquets from the wedding.  I set it on my kitchen island and I loved the way the flowers stood out against the white cabinets with the bits of blue and white in the background.
Sunflowers in the White Kitchen - Inspired me to display them with my blue and white porcelain

This is actually how the centerpieces were displayed at the wedding...
Sunflowers Centerpiece at a country themed wedding.
Adorable, huh?  Her fiance' cut the wood for the base and the number tag.  You can see some of the party favors in the background - jars of jam that my niece canned herself.  I think I need to talk her into starting her own blog!

Anyway back to the foyer!  Since my foyer needed some life, I just rearranged the console table with the flowers and my blue and white collection.  The mason jar didn't stand out as much as I would have like so I replaced it with a white pitcher...
Foyer with Blue and White Porcelain
You can see Rosie's head peeking out on the right.  I think she approves.

Console table decorated with classic blue and white porcelain
I love the way all the colors brighten up the foyer.  It made me realize how dull it was in here before.

Foyer Console Table Decorated with Sunflowers and Blue and White
This feels welcoming, doesn't it?  Still more summer than fall...but hey, I am in denial that summer is ending anyway!

Staircase and foyer table decorated with blue and white
I could always change a few things to make it more fall-like.

Traditional blue and white porcelain in the foyer
Here is a front view.  As you can see by the reflection in the mirror, I opened the door for extra light. 

Console Table with oval wood mirror
I think I will keep the table set up this way for now.  I hope the sunflowers last awhile!  If not, I could always replace them with the artificial ones I have used in here in the past - Fall in the Foyer.

I have provided sources below for your convenience.  Please note that this post contains some affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking my links.


Lidded ginger jar - similar lidded temple jar and a smaller version
The little teapot was brought back from China but this teapot is cute!
I believe the candlesticks were from Homegoods, but I like this candlestick as well.
The large vase in the back was a wedding gift but this blue and white vase is a good substitute.
This squared blue and white jar is a smaller substitute for my one from Homegoods.
You can usually find white ceramic pitchers at Homegoods but if not, this Mikasa pitcher is cute.
I have also been thinking of buying this blue and white umbrella stand.
I have had the tall topiaries for a long time and it's sometimes hard to find ones that don't look really fake.  This preserved boxwood topiary looks nice but is a couple inches larger than mine.
I think the smaller faux greens in the white pots were from Wegman's Food Store.

Have you rearranged any collections lately?
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Blue and White with Sunflowers - displaying my blue and white collection in a whole new way.

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  1. Very pretty! Love your blue and white collection with the sunflowers.

  2. I absolutely love the combination! One of my "go to" centerpieces is sunflowers in a blue and white ginger pretty! Adore your console with the arrangement of porcelain! Happy Tuesday!

  3. Love the flowers and the blue and white ♥

  4. I love the blue and white, especially with the pop of color/yellow. I have a few of those pieces, but would certainly like to add to the collection!

  5. Oh this is so pretty. The blue and yellow is stunning and your arrangement is perfect.

  6. There is nothing more perfect than sunflowers this time of the year, and they are gorgeous combined with blue and white. xo

  7. Blue and White...and favorite combination! Thanks for sharing, Shelley! xoxo

  8. Love your blue and white!! What a darling sunflower arrangement and really pops with the blue and white. Hope you have a fabulous weekend, Shelley!!

  9. Shelley, blue and white always works...fresh and chic! The sunflowers are a great addition to your collection! Pam @ Everyday Living

  10. Your house is very pretty. I love Rosie! I have two Goldens, aren't they wonderful ?

  11. I never tire of blue and white. Always soothing and fresh and pretty!

  12. You can never go wrong combining blue and white with sunflowers. Have I rearranged any collections? hahahahahahahahaha!!

  13. Gorgeous....sunflowers paired with blue and white are always a winner!!!!
    Thanks for joining the SYS party.

  14. I love your blue and white collection. It's always so pretty.

  15. I love blue and white ceramic anything. :-)

    And I love how you pared the yellow sunflowers with your beautiful table of blue and white. Blue and yellow look so pretty together.

    Thanks for sharing.

  16. I can't live without blue and white porcelain in my home.
    There is nothing bar none- in my opinion- that enhances the decor in a room.
    I love yours.
    Thank you for sharing at Thoughts of Home.

    White Spray Paint

  17. Very pretty! I love using my blue and white with orange for the fall. Sunflowers too!

  18. This is a gorgeous vignette! Such a bright and happy bit of decor. Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday this week!


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