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March 17, 2016

Throwback Thursday - Girls Weekend in Newport Rhode Island

I recently came across some photos from a (long time ago) girls weekend in Newport Rhode Island.  I just had to scan them into the computer and share them with you.  I am guessing they were taken the summer of 2002.

Lawn at Castle Hill - Newport Rhode Island
This is the view from one of my favorite places in Newport - the lawn at the Castle Hill Inn.  I remember sipping cocktails out here during many visits to Newport.  Such a beautiful spot!

Here I am during one of our sightseeing days and I still have that gingham dress...

Marble House
This is the entrance to the Marble House, one of the many "cottages" we toured.  Marble House was built for Alva and William Kissam Vanderbilt.  He actually gave her the house for her 39th birthday.  I don't remember getting anything like that for my 39th birthday.  I think my husband needs to step it up on the gifts.

Marble House - Newport Rhode Island
It blows my mind that these were summer homes, known as "cottages".  Not really what comes to mind when you think of the word 'cottage'!

Japanese Tea House -Newport Rhode Island
The Japanese Tea House sits on the back lawn of Marble House.  Quite a structure to have in your backyard.  All we have is a swing-set.

The Elms - Newport Rhode Island
This 'cottage' is called The Elms.  You can kind of tell from this photo that the grounds of this mansion were just spectacular.  How would you like a yard like that?

Newport is surrounded by water so a sunset cruise only made sense.
Newport Rhode Island
Such a wonderful viewpoint to see all the mansions.

Newport Bridge
Around the time I took this picture, I remember spilling my whole glass of champagne on my friend...good times.

Castle Hill Inn - Newport Rhode Island
This is the Castle Hill Inn I mentioned above.  As you can see, the lawn is filled with guests enjoying cocktails on the lawn at sunset.  

Newport Sunset
And a beautiful sunset to end the day.  

The next morning we actually visited my favorite Castle Hill Inn again.  This time instead of cocktails on the lawn, we had a lovely brunch.
Look how happy and relaxed I looked back then.  Not that I am not happy now, just less relaxed!

It was a little chilly that morning so we just took a few pictures before heading inside to dine.

The outside was filled anyway.  I guess these people didn't mind the chilly weather.  The mimosas probably helped!

A delicious brunch to end the trip.

View from the Castle Hill Inn - Newport Rhode Island
Thanks for reminiscing with me.  It's been way too long and I think I need to plan another trip back to Newport but with my family this time.  My kids are old enough to appreciate the architecture and they would definitely enjoy the Cliff Walk - (a 3.5 walkway along the back lawns of many of the mansions).

I can't find the rest of my photos (or maybe I didn't take any) but take my word for it that the town of Newport is the most charming little village filled with shops and incredible restaurants.  Each year the local restaurants compete in a clam chowder contest known as The Great Chowder Cook-Off.  For me, a trip to Newport is not complete without a few bowls of clam chowder!

Have you ever been to Newport Rhode Island?

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  1. No and I would love to go. You look amazing and you really do look relaxed. You still look exactly the same. Great pics.

  2. Shelley.. I can't believe you mentioned Castle Hill Inn. I made reservations for Easter brunch there. I had the hardest time getting reservations at all our faves. I've never been to Castle Inn - hopefully the food is good. Great pics of you. You are adorable!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  3. Beautiful pictures, Shelley. We stayed at the Castle Hill Inn for our 15th wedding anniversary and it was amazing. We were in one of the adorable beach cottages. I would love to return to Newport soon. Have a great weekend!

  4. Great pictures....hard to believe those are considered "cottages". You looked great and so relaxed. Hope you can make it back there with your family soon. Have a great weekend!!!

  5. You just brought back memories of all my 'girls weekends' in Newport back in the 90's - we spent many a weekend enjoying all the amazing things Newport has to offer! Still one of my all time favorite towns....I miss it! I even dated a Navy man who was stationed there for a wee while....ahhhh, memories!

  6. I'd love to visit Newport. I've visited Jekyll Island many times. It's off the Georgia coast and was purchased by many of those millionaires. No outsiders allowed -- they'd be shot. They built their cottages and gathered for meals at a dining hall -- with the chef brought down from Delmonico's in NYC. I saw your link at Cindy's Amaze Me Monday party. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey


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