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January 12, 2016

One of the First Projects of the Year

I haven't yet made my full list of what I need to accomplish in my home this year.  One thing I know for sure is that I need to buy a rug for my family room.

I mentioned yesterday that I am using this Ballard Indoor Outdoor rug temporarily.

The rug used to sit under my kitchen table before the kitchen renovation...
The rug was perfect for the spot, hid every crumb and dog hair - and was easy to clean.  I haven't decided if the rug will be coming back in here.  I have gotten used to having just the wood floor under the we'll see!

But I think I want something softer for the family room.  And something bigger...

The room is approximately 17' x 20' and this rug is only approximately 8' x 10'.  It just kind of floats in the middle.

But it does go well with my Pottery Barn coffee table...
(No, my Christmas decor is not still out!  
I took some of these pictures a couple weeks ago!)

I know the 'decorating rules' say I need to have at least the front legs of the sofa on the rug so I definitely need to go bigger.  When the carpet guy was here measuring my stairs a couple months ago, he told me I needed to go 12' x 17' (or 18').  Obviously, I will either have to spend a fortune on a rug that size or possibly go with an actually carpet that I have cut to size and bound.  I think that is the direction I am going in.  

But of course it can't be that easy!  The problem is, I am not sure how much of the upholstered furniture is staying!  Sure the sectional is super comfy and I can't even think of taking Rosie's chair away but honestly, it needs some updating!  So basically, I have to find a rug that will work with the room the way it is now and for some future new look.  Ugh...I guess I need to go pretty neutral!

Something like one of these might work...

Though I like having a subtle pattern like this...

I am also thinking a plaid rug might be fun... 

Too bad the Dash and Albert is navy and not black though...and jute might not hold up under Rosie's paws either.  But it is a really cute rug!

Obviously, I am just in the early stages of shopping for this rug but I am thinking that if I am going to leave the furniture for a while, I should go pretty neutral.  After the kitchen renovation, I will have a hard time convincing my husband we need new furniture.  I still need to decide on counter stools, and I haven't even told him I am still looking for a new kitchen table!

That Powerball money sure will come in handy!  I never play the lottery but got invited into a group collection so I said yes.  I know it's like throwing away money, but hey - you never know!

Any thoughts on my rug dilemma?
Did you buy a lottery ticket?

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  1. Shelley I don't know if they carry rugs large enough for you, but I bought a rug at RugsUSA - they are having a 70% off sale! My rug is 100% wool, is really nice quality, was only $300 and we love it!

  2. You can't lose with a nice neutral with tone on tone pattern, and having it bound from carpet is definitely cheaper. You get the custom size you need in a carpet that is durable for your needs, 100 % olefin can take a huge beating and is easily cleaned.

  3. 10 x 14 should be fine Shelley and that at least you don't have to have made custom! If you want bigger you can definitely do a good broadloom cut to the size you want. I use J&S in Morristown, I also like Dash and albert rugs too.
    Good luck! K

  4. I love a pattern like the second one, and of course, the Dash and Albert is wonderful - maybe it's a really dark navy! Happy Tuesday!

  5. I just bought my first powerball ticket today! LOL! Good luck on that rug search Shelley!

  6. I think I would have a really difficult time covering up too much of the beautiful hardwood floor, but it looks like the room is kind of dark, so going with a lighter and more neutral rug might work best. Good luck!

    Warm hugs,

  7. Wow all of those options are so pretty. I would have a hard time deciding. Hope you win the lottery so you can buy all of them and change them out as the mood strikes.

  8. I do love the Dash & Albert. Good luck, we're still searching...takes a while!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  9. Thanks for sharing at Funtastic Friday!


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