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February 28, 2015

Inspiration and Shopping

Don't you just love this living room?

Not only is the room classic and inviting but it has given me inspiration for colors and textures for my family room.  If you have read some of my recent posts, you know that we are in the process of renovating our kitchen,  Our orange-tinged oak cabinets will be replaced with white painted ones.

My kitchen is open to the family room so I have been trying to envision how the new white cabinets will look with the warm colors of my family room.  Since we are also replacing the floors with hardwood, I am feeling more confident that I can achieve a similar look to the inspiration photo.

We all know how one project seems to snowball into another so of course, now I think I want some spindle chairs...

I discovered a few stores which carry them.  Here are a few options:

So what do you think of spindle chairs?

Even if you are not in the market for these chairs,
at least do yourself a favor and check out
the architect's website where I found the inspiration photos:
You might recognize his name because he designed the
HGTV Dream Home 2015!

Speaking of the Dream Home, I wonder when they will be calling me to say that I won?...

What are you working on these days?


February 25, 2015

Where Can I Put the Baker's Rack?

I get questions all the time 
asking where I bought my baker's rack.  

I even wrote a post - Where Did You Get That Baker's Rack?   

It's not an expensive piece of furniture 
but it does add an overall warmth to the kitchen.  

I frequently change the accessories on the shelves 
to reflect the seasons or holidays 
and I keep cookbooks in the cabinets below.

It really is a versatile piece.  
I guess that's why it's so popular with people who read my blog.

The other day while I was obsessing over the layout and other details of my kitchen renovation, I wondered to myself - Where Can I Put the Baker's Rack?

That divider wall to the left of the baker's rack will be gone
so the cabinets can run along the whole wall.

The cabinets will go to the ceiling so I will have much more storage.
I really don't need the baker's rack in here anymore.

But where can I put the thing?

With a china cabinet already in the dining room,
it might look strange in there...

But I don't think I want to get rid of it yet...

So what do you think?

Paint it and try it in the dining room?

Sell it?

Keep it in the basement 
until we possibly build a screened in porch in a couple years?

I would love your thoughts or suggestions!

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February 21, 2015

Choosing Appliances

If you have read my blog lately, you know that we are fully renovating our kitchen.  The layout is almost complete and we are about the order the cabinets...that is - after I can commit to the sizes of the appliances.
As you can see, we currently have a wall oven (that we never even changed to stainless steel when we replaced the rest of the old appliances years ago.)

This time around I am going totally different...Instead of the practical wall ovens, I am going with this:

Yes, a 48 inch dual fuel range.  Sure I will have to bend over to use the ovens.  Sure I have a bad back so this is probably not the most practical choice for me...but I just love the way this is going to look with a range hood something like this...

And my cabinets will be white too so this gives you a good idea of how my kitchen could look.  I love it so much even though the practical side of me tells me to practical!

And technically I am being practical because even though I would have loved to buy the expensive Wolf range or even the Thermador, I went with the Jenn Air.  Sure, it might not be as "flashy" as the other two brands, but Jenn Air is a great brand and I am happy with my choice.  As with many appliance deals, I get a free dishwasher with the purchase of the range.  

We are not buying a new refrigerator because ours in in good shape and since it's counter-depth, it should look ok with the new cabinets.  

I would have loved to buy a built-in refrigerator but if I am splurging on this crazy stove, I really cannot convince my husband we need a new fridge too.  The microwave will be a Jenn Air and we are still deciding on the placement of that before the cabinets are ordered.

So, I guess you could say, I am making progress.  I cannot believe how many decisions there are to make!

What kind of ovens do you have - wall or range?

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February 17, 2015

Filing Cabinet Shopping

I need to break away from all my kitchen planning and get moving on some organization in my office!

I am in the midst of working on a school event for March and the piles have started everywhere!

Sure, I might have storage baskets
And believe me, these baskets have helped so much 
with everyday papers.

But I also need a filing cabinet!
Or at the very least - a table to put this printer on!

I bought the printer a few months ago because I was tired of running upstairs to print from my husband's office.  What a difference it makes having it close by.  Why did I wait so long?  But it just can't sit on the floor like that.  It makes the room feel sloppy and unfinished.

I think a nice, white filing cabinet would be perfect in this space.  Here are a few I am considering.

 The Pottery Barn Bedford...


Home Decorators - Oxford


Home Decorators Oxford with Pull-Out Shelf
(the shelf might be helpful when the papers come off the printer)

I know, they all look similar.  The Pottery Barn one is more expensive but it does come fully assembled which is a plus.  I just know I want a white wood one.  Since the cabinet will sit next to my bookshelves, it makes sense to go with white.

Then again, I think I have seen enough white lately...
Yes, this was the scene at my house a few minutes ago.  Another snow storm, another snow day...when will it end?

What's the weather like in your area?

Or if you are sick of talking about this crazy winter weather...
What kind of filing cabinet/system do you use?


February 13, 2015

Recent Happenings...

How is it Friday already?!!  Between snow days, delayed openings, school parties and Valentine's Day, I haven't gotten much done this week!  In addition to those things, I have started working on an annual school event that I co-chair in March.

AND on top of all of that....I  have been crazy busy planning my kitchen renovation!  We are still finalizing the layout but I have started looking at samples of finishes...

I know for sure that the main cabinets will be white...probably White Dove, the floor will be hardwood, and the island will be a stained color (possibly one of the two choices above).  So happy to be changing the peninsula to an island AND enlarging/lowering our kitchen window!!!

Goodbye freakishly high window!

All I can think about lately is this kitchen!  And once again I apologize if you follow me on Pinterest.  You are probably getting flooded with all kinds of kitchen photos lately.  I will try to tone it down a bit - or at least space them out!  Hopefully, we can get the cabinets ordered soon and get moving on this kitchen by April!  At least it will be warmer then and maybe we can use our outdoor grill while our kitchen is out of commission!

This winter has been pretty brutal in the Northeast!  We have gotten a ton of snow - and are expecting a little more this weekend.  Today the temperature was 7 degrees when the kids left for school!  I cannot wait for spring!

Not only am I excited about the warmer spring weather, but I am looking forward to another Broadway Show!  A bunch of friends and I just bought tickets for Finding Neverland!  I could not be more excited!


February 9, 2015

The Ever Changing Sign

Our downstairs bathroom doubles as a powder room and a family bathroom.  The bathroom is off the kitchen and has become the spot where the boys brush their teeth and comb their hair before school.  I like to hang something in the frame by the sink that they might like to look at each morning...

A few years ago I decided on a Christmas printable I found somewhere online...

After Christmas that year, I printed out some Zac Brown lyrics and hung them on the wall...
You can click HERE to see the whole post.
The lyrics stayed in that spot for awhile.

And then the frame started changing with the seasons...
This is how it looked this past Thanksgiving.

I replaced the Thanksgiving one with this for Christmas...
And finally yesterday I took this quote out of the frame
and started playing around with different ideas.

I thought an Oprah quote would be a nice thing to see each morning....
So true, don't you think?

It was a bit more positive than the 
"Brush Your Teeth Before I take Away Your Ipod" one I had in mind!

I decided to go with the chalkboard look again.
It's always fun to play around on Picmonkey isn't it?

And now this hangs in the frame...until I change my mind again!
I have a ton of quotes saved on my Pinterest boards.
(Although some of them are a bit silly!)


February 4, 2015

A Room With a View

Here is a room that I have only shared in bits and pieces...

I took this picture from the "spot" I sit and sip my tea most mornings after the kids have left for school.

Recently,  my dear blogger friend, Amanda from Dixie Delights invited readers to submit their "spot" to her and yesterday she shared them on her blog.  So many beautiful sure to check them out!

I sent her a similar picture to the one below and decided that it was time I shared the rest of the room with you...even though it's not finished.  Then again, is a room ever really finished?

Here is the actual "spot" 
where I sit and enjoy the view (and my tea) each morning.

You might recognize the "behind the love seat area"
because I change the vignette there often.
A spring vignette from last year - HERE.

Here is my view to the left from my spot.

The view straight ahead.
(That's the tree I used to have in my living room pre-piano).

And here is the best view in the room.
The snow and clouds don't do it justice.

 Here is the entrance from the living room.
(Ignore the ugly ceiling fan...)

When we were building our house, this bonus room aka "the conservatory" as they called it, was one of the options "we just couldn't live without".  Unfortunately, for years it sat mostly empty except for the pool table and a few scattered pieces of furniture.  At one point, I had my seagrass chairs in here.

Over the years, I have added furniture
 to make the space feel more like a game room.
Here is the other end of the room with the pub table.

I have posted about the Sonoma Bookcase from Ballard  - HERE.

 The pub table is from Pier One and
the chairs are from Bed Bath and Beyond (by Savavieh).

 Here is the view from that end of the room.

Ignore the "Roomba" vacuum on the side.  The clock needs a new battery too, but how would you even know that from this picture?  Like I said, the room is not "done"...

It might not be done but it's definitely being used more these days.  New life has been brought into the room ever since my boys have developed an interest in pool.  For years, the room was ignored except when we had company.  Now it's become the "fun room" of the house!   (Yeah, that's Rosie's bed in the lower right hand corner...everyone uses this room nowadays!)

I think I might have the felt color on the table changed to something more neutral.  In pictures that burgundy is way too bright!  The color of the walls is Benjamin Moore Providence Olive which goes well with the dark furniture and the neutral carpet (that I wish was hardwood!)   I think I am done with the fake palm...

And here we are, back to the seating area.
The chairs are from Target and the coffee table from Ballard. 

And here we are sitting back in my spot.  As much as I love the look of the pretty snow out there, I am looking forward to a view of green grass and leaves!

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