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December 16, 2015

Kids' Rooms at Christmas

Yesterday, I took you on a tour of my Christmas Kitchen.  It would be logical to either show you the adjoining family room next or even start at the front door.  But apparently, I am not very logical...Instead, we are heading upstairs to the rooms that were decorated first this holiday season.

My boys' rooms...

Skiing Nutcracker in Boys Bedroom
We are beginning the tour in my 11 year old's room.  He is obsessed with skiing so I was excited to find a skiing nutcracker at Homegoods this year!

Tween Boy Room
This room keeps evolving as he grows.  This year we added the blue and white pin striped duvet from Ikea and also found the red sweater pillows at Homegoods.  The red Fair Isle throw is from Crate and Barrel a few years ago.  And because everyone always asks - the wall color in here is Benjamin Moore Amsterdam.

Christmas Pillows
All last Christmas season, I looked in stores for pillows like these but they were sold out by November.  This year I bought them as soon as I saw them in Homegoods.  I think it must have been September.  Ironically, this year I see red pillows everywhere!  Oh well, at least I have them now!

Christmas Pillows in Kids Room
The reindeer pillow is from Target a couple of years ago and the blue and white striped shams were from Pottery Barn many years ago.  They stay on his bed year round...the reindeer does not...

White Skiing Nutcracker
With the crazy warm weather we are having in NJ, this may be the closest to skiing we get this year!

Tween Boys Room at Christmas
My son is happy with the way his room looks this year.  You know, they are so opinionated at this age...

Golden Retriever on Bed
And who do we have here?  Rosie is obviously loving the room as well.  Goodnight Rosie!

And now we head over to the little kid's room.  Well, he's not that little anymore, but he will always be my baby!

Plaid Flannel Duvet from Lands End
This year I surprised him with a flannel duvet from Land's End.  He has had the same quilt on his bed forever and I thought he needed something cozier and Christmas looking.  Since the colors are red and blue instead of red and green, I think we can keep this in here all winter.

Red and Blue Boys Room
The red blanket makes it feel festive as well.

Red Sweater Star
And above the bed, hangs a sweater covered star I bought at Target a few years ago.  The cardinal above it represents the boys' grandfather who we lost this past spring.  He always loved cardinals and all summer we kept seeing them.  My mother in law told the boys that those cardinals were Papa watching over them.

Red and Blue Kids Bedding
The monogrammed headboard is from Ballard, in case you were wondering.  It used to be white but I dyed it a few years ago.  You can read about those adventures here - Slipcover Dye Project.

Nautical Christmas Bedroom
The red and blue still ties in with the nautical theme we have going in here.

Nautical Wall Art
It may be Christmas time, but we are always dreaming of the beach in this house!

Thanks for stopping by to tour the boys' bedrooms.  You won't be seeing my bedroom for Christmas since I have done absolutely nothing new in there....

Do you decorate bedrooms for Christmas?

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  1. This is just fun, fun, fun Shelley! Love all the beddings too! Thank you for sharing your holiday home in the 12 days of Christmas Blogger Tour Link Party! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. The boys' rooms look so festive and fun, Shelley! I decorated my youngest guy's room last year but I haven't gotten around to it this year. I should make the time because he always loves it when I do. I have had my eye on that flannel duvet cover from Lands End too. It is perfect for the whole winter. And the cardinal is just such a sweet reminder. Just perfect. I also went and read your post about the dyed slipcover. I have been considering dying the white Ektorp chair slipcover in our bedroom and yours came out great. Also, that was such a fun post to read!!

  3. such cozy and lovely places! i can see why rosie is happy there! :)

  4. Love these rooms. So inviting. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love how you put things together over the years. Everything goes perfectly and it shows you put a lot of thought into everything you bought. Thanks for sharing with us on Merry Blogmas!

  6. So beautiful! I never seem to decorate the entire house for Christmas, but I'm going to have to spread around the good cheer. It helps jumpstart the Christmas spirit each morning.

  7. Another great room! I absolutely love the textiles, and they look terrific with the walls.

  8. Such cozy bedrooms. Those duvet covers make the rooms, they sset the tone for the rooms. Fun and practical and festive all at the same time. Happy Holidays!

  9. What fabulous boy's rooms ! I especially love the first one!

  10. Darling boy's room! I decorate our two guest rooms with just a touch - Christmas pillows and one or two other touches. Nothing in the master because I think my husband would put his foot down on that. He tolerates all the other around the house because he knows it makes me happy. '-)

  11. I'm going through the same thing with my daughter as well. Her room is constantly evolving with her age, but she's still in a pink phase. I'm definitely very jealous with your color schemes plus, they look absolutely gorgeous!

  12. Your kids' rooms look great this Christmas! Happy 2015

  13. Your kids' rooms look great this Christmas! Happy 2015


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