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September 17, 2015

My New White Kitchen Reveal

After years of thinking about it, 
months of planning and renovating,

I new white kitchen!

White Kitchen Reveal

We've been in our home for 16 years and decided it was time for an update.

Here is what the kitchen looked like before:

Kitchen Before - My New White Kitchen Reveal

And that same angle now:

White Kitchen After

I am seriously still pinching myself each morning I walk in here!

Jenn Air Range and New White Kitchen Reveal
I will give you a before and after of each angle in my next post.  For now, I'll take you around the room starting with my big splurge, a 48 inch duel fuel range from Jenn Air.  Cooking on this thing has been a dream.  I haven't used the griddle on top yet because I am afraid it won't look shiny and new anymore.  My husband keeps telling everyone that I am never going to use it.  I'll break it in one of these days once the novelty wears off...

White Kitchen Reveal
After the stove splurge, we kept our old refrigerator to save on some money.  It's a Kitchen Aid counter depth so it doesn't stick out too much.  My contractor still has to add a  molding piece above it.  That should hide the small space and give it a more built in look.

Kitchen Lighting and full kitchen reveal
I updated the lighting to include two pendants from Circa Lighting over the island.  These are the small Darlana pendants by Visual Comfort E.F. Chapman Collection.  The chandelier is the Collins Chandelier from Pottery Barn.

Subway Tile Backsplash with Herringbone Design
The tile store suggested this herringbone pattern over the stove.  I was hesitant in the beginning but now it's one of my favorite things!

Kitchen Window over sink in new kitchen
Speaking of favorite things, enlarging this window was one of our best decisions!  We get so much more light in here and it is no longer 'freakishly' too high!

New White Kitchen Reveal
For now we are using temporary counter stools.  I haven't decided if I want backless or not so I am still shopping around.

White Ice Granite and undercabinet lighting
This photo shows a close up of the granite.  We chose White Ice after many agonizing trips to the granite suppliers.  I would have loved marble but had to be practical with 2 boys and a messy husband.  You can also see that we added under-cabinet of our best decisions.  I love having different lighting options in the evening and these light up the working space beautifully.

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting in new white kitchen
We also added lighting in the upper cabinets.

Kitchen Window view and new white kitchen
This is the view from the dining room.

Kitchen with White Stacked Cabinets
And the view from the family room.  I am also planning on replacing the kitchen table and chairs.  I don't think I mentioned that to my husband yet...

White Kitchen with Range Hood

Kitchen Island and view to family room
This is our new view into the family room with our new stone fireplace.  I still need to buy an area rug for that room.  Too many decisions to make lately...

Glass Cabinets and full reveal of new white kitchen
Although I loved the baker's rack that used to stand in this place, I am excited about using this new entertainment area.  We need to plan some parties!

Goldend Retriever in new white kitchen
Rosie always loves having guests!

Thanks for taking the tour with us!

UPDATE - Please be sure to stop by my newer post -  Before and After Pictures from Every Angle to see more!  And can also see that I finally purchased New Counter Stools!

And here is a breakdown of sources:

Cabinets:  New River Cabinetry - Bridgewater style raised panel door in maple, Color - Swan (matches Benjamin Moore White Dove), Island is cherry - Buckhorn stain
Granite:  White Ice
Stove, Dishwasher, Microwave:  Jenn Air
Refrigerator:  Kitchen Aid
Stainless Farm Sink:  Moen
Faucet:  Moen
Hardware:  Top Knobs
Hardwood Floor:  Red Oak stained in Minwax Provincial
Subway Tile:  White 3 x 6 purchased from Charles Tiles
Wall color:  Benjamin Moore - Manchester Tan

For details of the renovation, click any of the posts below:

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  1. Love it so much!! It's a true inspiration, I cannot wait to "hopefully" start mine in January.
    fondly ~lynne~

  2. What a gorgeous kitchen, Shelley! Love the white tile, the granite, the lanterns over the island, the glass front cabinets…love it all!!

  3. So excited to see this reveal, Shelley. Your new kitchen is just spectacular! It all came together so beautifully. I love the lighting over the island, especially that there is no glass to clean on those lanterns. Great job!!

  4. It is amazing! So much light coming through the new window. And, love the herringbone pattern behind the stove.

  5. It looks so great! All of the planning and material choices have come together beautifully :)

  6. It's absolutely stunning, Shelley! I am so happy for you.

  7. Looks amazing Shelley!! I know this was a major dream of yours and I am so excited for you...enjoy it fully and cheers!!

  8. It's really so gorgeous. I'm sure you will be thinking for a long time "is this really my kitchen". I still do that after 8 years. Enjoy it!

  9. Shelley your kitchen is STUNNING!!! Loved all your choices!

  10. Love it love it love it!!!!
    Your kitchen is absolutely stunning Shelley I'm so excited for you!
    You really did a great job.

  11. Beautiful kitchen. Why not just paint your table and chairs white and keep them for a while?

  12. Hi Shelley,

    Visiting via Suzanne's today...your new white kitchen is absolutely stunning!! I have a white kitchen, myself, and can relate to your 'pinch me' disbelief. You'll find that it is amazingly easy to clean, despite what you may have read or heard. Warm woods keep it from looking cold, and I've added French country colours to mimic the Mediterranean countryside around me. Kudos to you; it's beautiful!


  13. Oh my goodness, it looks amazing! Like a dream kitchen. Congrats on the remodel!

  14. You kitchen looks absolutely fantastic!!!!! I love all the details you've been discussing here for a while, and the end result is just perfect! My favorite wall is the refrigerator wall actually, you used up that huge wall really well!!!! ENJOY it dear!

  15. Holy gorgeous! I'm pinning this to my White Kitchens board on Pinterest for sure! Would you consider painting the table and chairs? I think they would be pretty painted white!

  16. Really gorgeous kitchen,and I love it all!! I know you put so much thought into this design and it turned out perfectly!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Painting Central Park

  17. Shelley, it is all so scrumptious!! I am sure you do pinch yourself all the time. I would love a stove like yours but we don't have gas. I hate my cook top, but it's all I've got. :(

  18. Shelley, it is all so scrumptious!! I am sure you do pinch yourself all the time. I would love a stove like yours but we don't have gas. I hate my cook top, but it's all I've got. :(

  19. Shelley,
    Gorgeous kitchen remodel, dear one!!!
    I love those windows!!! (Says the Lady with a Galley Style Kitchen!)
    Love the Entertainment area!!!
    The view into the family room with the stone fireplace is spectacular!!!
    Thank you for sharing your before and afters!!!

  20. Your kitchen is beautiful! I love the cabinets and the counters you chose. It's such a classy look!

  21. Shelley,
    WOW!!! It looks outstanding...luv the island...lights and countertops. Thanks so much for sharing it at my party today.


  22. Stunning! So many details to catch your eye, yet it all works together. And I love white!

  23. Wow, this is beautiful!
    Well worth the wait.

  24. OMYGOSH...this is an absolute GORGEOUS kitchen. What a fabulous job ya'll did in re-designing. I just LOVE it....
    and had you thought of painting your present table and chairs in the same white as the kitchen...? I know you mentioned (to US...NOT to the hubs..hahhaa) you wanted a new one but when I saw the first photo of it and the kitchen together, I thought how pretty it would be painted......just sayin'
    It is all really pretty.

  25. Okay, so I'm coming for a visit. I don't want to sleep in your guest room. Just put me on a cot in that kitchen! You must be in heaven. It's just so beautiful!

  26. Very, very nice! Love the windows, countertop color, and backsplash!

  27. Sorry if this is a duplicate -- it doesn't look like my first attempt at commenting worked!

    LOVE, love, love your new kitchen! The new window is fantastic and all of your choices are fabulous! Absolutely stunning!!! ENJOY!

  28. It's gorgeous! I would be pinching myself everyday, heck, I'd probably set up a cot and sleep in that kitchen for a couple nights (kidding) but you get the idea. I love everything about it. Love the color of granite (wish I would have went with your color rather than black) I love the windows too and that! What a gorgeous room and Rosie is cute too.

  29. I have a very similar kitchen to your old haunt. You've done exactly what I want to do. White cabinets and to the ceiling. Light counter tops and all the lighting. I love how your backsplash for the stove looks now but I am wondering how it would look with a sloppy cook like myself in a year or so? Other than a high dollar stove, I want what you got! Good for you!

  30. The reno looks really great and I love your wood floors:)

  31. Beautiful kitchen, job well done! Did you discuss the under cabinet lighting and I've just missed it? If not, do you have suggestions? I'm searching for hard wired lighting and that's another landmine trying to find a good choice in LED. Thanks for any advice.

  32. I am in love with your kitchen, it is absolutely stunning! When we finally update ours, your kitchen is definitely going to be my design inspiration!

  33. Wandered over here from Thrifty Decor Chick. Love your kitchen! Such beautiful and classic choices. Especially love the window, lighting and glass front doors! Awesome job!

    1. Thank you so much, Nancy! I had wanted to change that window from the first day we moved in! So glad you like it. Thanks for stopping by!

  34. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments! I am just reading through them again and you all made me smile with your kind words. If I wasn't able to email you back personally, it's only because the comment came through as "no reply". Thanks again!

  35. Hi Shelley! I absolutely LOVE your kitchen!! We are in the process of making over our kitchen in white as well. I noticed in the comments that someone asked about your under cabinet lighting, but I didn't notice a reply. I too am searching to find hard wired under cabinet lighting and am wondering if you would please share what type you installed. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Marla, I couldn't email you directly because you came up as "no reply". My electrician installed Xenon under cabinet lighting. It is a warmer looking light than LED. I don't know much about it but I can tell you that it works well on dimmers and gives an even pool of light below each cabinet. On the downside, the lights give off a lot of heat and I have noticed the inside of my cabinets above them feel warm after the lights have been on for awhile. I love the overall look the lights give off but I think if I had to do it over again, I would have done the LED lights for energy efficiency and less heat! Hope that helps!

    2. Oh, and I believe the brand we used was Juno.

  36. Hello, I'm here via TDC and I have to agree that your kitchen is truly stunning! It makes me cry to think what I could have done with my large builder kitchen in our previous home!! You may think this question is so trivial, but I have been looking for ages for a white canister set like yours. Can you tell me where you got it? Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you Karen! The white canisters are from the Italian Countryside collection of Mikasa. Hope that helps!


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