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August 20, 2015

Subway Tile

Finally, we are getting to the end of this renovation!  The guys came to install the subway tiles this week.  You might remember, I was undecided about which subway tile to use...

I loved the beveled subway tiles
but liked the way the flat ones went with my raised panel cabinets.

I also went back and forth between a cream color and white.
My cabinets are White Dove so I had a hard time with that decision.
I decided on the white tiles since they looked better with the granite.

But then there were more decisions...
Jessica from my favorite tile store, Charles Tiles suggested I do a herringbone pattern with a border over the stove area.  She emailed me a drawing for the contractor to follow but at the last minute I panicked and wasn't sure if we should make the boxed in area that big.  I was worried you wouldn't see the top border from a distance because of the range hood.

As you can see in the photo above, my two options for the top border are marked by the arrows.  These were the only two options if we wanted to avoid cutting the border tiles which would look weird.  I was leaning towards the original plan but I called and emailed the tile store just to make sure it made sense.  They agreed that going with the top line would look better so we went with it.

I was happy with the decision and how when you are in front of the stove or sitting at the island, you see the whole box.  When you are standing across the room, the top is a little hidden behind the range hood, but it's not disastrous!  If we had lowered the top border, it may have looked a little squished.

When the guys left for the evening I stared at the non-grouted tile for awhile.  I kind of fell in love with the idea of maybe doing a more noticeable grout.  Maybe I was just getting used to looking at the tile this way but wow, it was definitely an option!

Here is the room from a distance before they applied the grout.
I could have definitely gone with this look...

But in the end, I went with my original plan...
Here is the finished tile with white grout.
I couldn't be happier!

I cannot wait to set up a fun little cocktail area over here!
(I could use a cocktail after this renovation!)

Here is the kitchen last night.
Only a few more small details and we will be done!!

I guess it's time for a dinner party!

You also might notice in the photo above that we switched the handle on that door in the left corner.  Thank you for all of your advice on that.  You were all so right!

Any big decisions for you this week?

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  1. Oh my word, this is gorgeous. I love all of your decisions. Your kitchen is a dream.

  2. Just lovely! Your kitchen is perfect! You have made such great choices and you have such an eye for design.

  3. Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous, I love everything about it! When we are finally ready to redo our kitchen I am definitely going to look to yours for inspiration, the cabinets, tile, counter tops it's all so beautifully put together, you did an awesome job!

  4. Love the tile and the herringbone pattern.

  5. Shelley the tile is gorgeous! I love how the box came out and the white grout too - so classic and in 10 or 20 years it will still be in style! Everything came together beautifully - you did an amazing job!! Now tell me about your range - is it the Viking 48" with double ovens? I can only fit a 36" and currently don't have gas but am contemplating burying a propane tank in the yard. Do you like this oven so far? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

  6. I think you definitely chose the right tile. And I am glad you went with your original plan. They normally are the best. It looks great you must be so pleased.

  7. Your kitchen is gorgeous and I love the subway tile! I bet you can't wait for the project to be finished. We have been priming and painting cabinets all fun!

  8. Wow, it is just beautiful, Shelley! Love the way it looks over the cooktop!

  9. love the area above the stove, that looks great. enjoy your new space! we're in a backsplash situation over in our kitchen reno, too. i want a longer white subway tile, and i think i want light gray grout...but i will see on tuesday when the countertop is installed! exciting times.

  10. Absolutely beautiful! It's mind blowing all the little details that go into making a space look great. You are nailing it! I bet you are ready to stock that cocktail bar ;)

  11. I've come over from Amaze Me Monday to admire your kitchen. I have a love affair with subway tile. I lived with it in our previous house for a number of years and when we moved, it was a no brainer what I was going to have installed. I love your design by your stove. Very beautiful.

  12. OMG, Shelley, it's gorgeous and almost finished. I know you are loving it!

  13. Shelley, this just looks fabulous! I bet you can't wait to get in there and enjoy it! Love, Mimi xxx

  14. I love it all & think you made the right decisions--especially about the herringbone design. But, maybe I'm just biased because it looks so much like mine!! Thanks for sharing it at the Pretty Preppy Party!

  15. Boy, do I have kitchen envy! It's just gorgeous!
    Thanks so much for sharing at Something to Talk About!

  16. Love this herringbone pattern! The whole kitchen looks bright and airy- what a lovely idea to use subway tile!
    I hope you'll share your post with Idea Box:


  17. I'm a huge fan of subway tile and yours looks great! Can't wait to have my own home someday to put some in. We're in an apartment right now. :)



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