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June 5, 2015

Renovation Progress - The Half Wall

A lot happens in a week!  I ended last week with new hardwood floors and a new dilemma...should we remove the half wall or not?

This is the wall the separates the kitchen eating area from the family room.  Months ago, I mentioned to my husband, my kitchen designer and my contractor that I was thinking about removing the half wall.  My kitchen designer and my contractor agreed it was a great idea but my husband didn't.  I kind of dropped the plan right there because I had other "must haves" that I was trying to convince my husband that I "must have."

Fast forward to a couple days after the wood floors went in.  I had just climbed into bed and was already half asleep when my husband hesitantly starts a conversation.

"I probably shouldn't even bring this up...", he begins.

"Oh no, what is it?",  I answer

"Do you think maybe we should remove the half wall?", he asks.

"Of course I do!  Are you kidding me?..."

So there it began.  First thing the next morning I was on Instagram blabbing about my dilemma.  I wanted some reassurance that removing the wall would be a good idea.  After all, I hadn't yet asked my contractor how much it would cost to take it down, move the electrical and then feather in the floor boards which were JUST installed!  Luckily, since we hadn't had the floors stained yet, I had some hope that this little project wouldn't turn into some out of control, crazy fiasco!

I was thrilled that every single one of you who responded to my dilemma agreed that removing the wall was the right thing to do!  Thank you for your honest opinions by the way!  When I checked with my contractor, he assured me it wouldn't be a huge project but commented that removing the wall would have been cheaper before the floors went in...obviously.  By some miracle, my husband agreed to the extra expense and before long, we had the guys in there tearing it down!

No turning back now...

And now the kitchen/family room area is opened up.
I think I will have so many more options for furniture placement now!
(The flooring guys are coming next week to fix the floor boards.)

Yeah, I am glad we did it!
Here is a quick Before and After!

So, I think my husband is beginning to trust my design decisions.  He agreed that removing the wall was the right thing to do but admitted that he really couldn't envision how it would look until the floors actually went in.  I totally understand because before the wood floors, the family room had carpet and the kitchen had tile.  The wall made sense then.  Oh well, at least we did this BEFORE the floors were stained!

I am hoping that was the only afterthought 
we will end up having with this renovation!

Have you ever had any project afterthoughts that cost you extra money?



  1. Love the wall being gone. Opens it all up. I'm enjoying following your reno. fondly ~lynne~

  2. Oh this is fabulous. So much better with the wall gone.

  3. Love it without the wall! So open and bright. And, the floors flow better.

  4. Wow, what a wonderful difference! The room has blossomed with all of that light.

  5. it always happens - the rethinking! I think you made a good decision to take it out. Looks like an amazing project!

  6. It looks awesome all opened up! I missed the whole thing on Instagram (crazy week here) but you definitely made the right decision. And we always second guess our way through every single renovation we do. It is looking great.

  7. Great decision Shelley!! We did the same thing in our kitchen/family room last year when we had the new hardwood floors I have my sectional and a pretty sofa table behind much better then a half wall lol!

  8. It looks so great already!! This entire dilemma sounds a lot like the kind we have at home too. My hub can get stuck on things and since he's not addicted to Pinterest (like I am!) he really isn't in the know on what's being done today, and is sometimes more comfortable with the way things were. I'm so glad he came around and that taking the wall down was not terribly challenging!!

  9. Don't you just love a hubby who finally realizes your idea was a good one. I love it and the room just grew!

  10. Congratulations, the floor looks gorgeous and the wide-open is fantastic!


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