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February 25, 2015

Where Can I Put the Baker's Rack?

I get questions all the time 
asking where I bought my baker's rack.  

I even wrote a post - Where Did You Get That Baker's Rack?   

It's not an expensive piece of furniture 
but it does add an overall warmth to the kitchen.  

I frequently change the accessories on the shelves 
to reflect the seasons or holidays 
and I keep cookbooks in the cabinets below.

It really is a versatile piece.  
I guess that's why it's so popular with people who read my blog.

The other day while I was obsessing over the layout and other details of my kitchen renovation, I wondered to myself - Where Can I Put the Baker's Rack?

That divider wall to the left of the baker's rack will be gone
so the cabinets can run along the whole wall.

The cabinets will go to the ceiling so I will have much more storage.
I really don't need the baker's rack in here anymore.

But where can I put the thing?

With a china cabinet already in the dining room,
it might look strange in there...

But I don't think I want to get rid of it yet...

So what do you think?

Paint it and try it in the dining room?

Sell it?

Keep it in the basement 
until we possibly build a screened in porch in a couple years?

I would love your thoughts or suggestions!

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  1. Keep it, such a versatile piece. Remember it doesn't have to just hold dishes, it can even go in a bathroom and hold towels and such or a bedroom or whereever.

  2. Outdoor use would probably be your bet if you want to keep it Shelley.

  3. Love that baker's rack, Shelley. I say definitely keep it if you have room to store it. It is a great piece and I think you will find a use for it down the road.

  4. I agree that it can go in the bathroom or outdoors. Versatility is key!

  5. I love it....such a beautiful piece! I say hang on to it and try it in a few different will definitely look good in a sunroom or on a deck.!!

  6. I do love your baker's rack! I say keep it! I have one, not as nice as yours, and it won't fit in my kitchen so I had to put it in my sun room. It sure does make a statement.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Can you paint it French gray with chalk paint and use it in a bathroom for towels and soaps etc?It has great lines! K

  8. I think you should keep it. It seems to be one of those pieces that can be used just about any where.

  9. Oh, yes, definitely keep it! It really is pretty, and you will get a "light bulb" moment and know the perfect place for it. You realize that if you do get rid of it, that "light bulb" moment will turn into a "head slap" followed by some not-so-kind words muttered to yourself....."what was I thinking?" None of us want you to go through that; trust me, keep it!

  10. Until I read the other comments, I would have said maybe it's time to sell it. But, outdoor and bathroom are two very good ideas, and your own idea of basement would work too! Maybe paint or refinish it to give a more modern or updated look?

  11. Absolutely keep it. Inspiration will strike and you will find a new place to enjoy it.

  12. I am new here, visiting from Dwellings, but I have to say, I love the piece and would love to see it painted and in the dining room! Absolutely keep it, it is one of those pieces that will always find a home. New Follower!

  13. Mine is on the front porch - a small covered area. I use it for seasonal decoration, instead of a wreath on the door. Good luck with this! Visiting from Dwellings.

  14. Love it! Can be used in so many places.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY.


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