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December 10, 2014

Christmas Front Porch

Well, things are moving along in the Calypso household.  The other day I mentioned my little tree dilemma where I bought these porch trees but the bases they came in were too wide for my urns. you can see I was able to make the trees fit!

Christmas Front Porch with black urns
Ta da!

A quick shot of my wreath...
Christmas Wreath on Black Front Door
It was windy this morning so the bow wouldn't stay in place.

And back to the trees...
Christmas Tree in urn on front porch
Here is one,
all snug and tight in the urn.

Many of you gave some excellent suggestions on how to keep the trees in place.  Thank you very much, by the way!  I ended up using a combination of some of those suggestions.

Foam blocks to fill urn on front porch
My friend, Karolyn from The Relished Roost suggested that I use some styrofoam balls from Michael's.  I found some square florist foam instead and went with that.  

I had to cut them down to fit in the urns.  
A very messy job and I am lucky I didn't cut off my arm!
(Maybe something besides a steak knife would have worked better!)

How to secure a Christmas tree in an outside urn so it doesn't blow over.
But eventually I was able to make them fit!

I was worried that with our crazy winter winds, I would need some extra weight in there.  I headed to Home Depot for some gravel like some of you suggested.  

And as you can see, these babies aren't going anywhere now!
Front porch decorated for Christmas
I would have loved to bring them forward a bit so everything wasn't so tight near the door.  Then again, I am probably better off having them covered and out of the wind.

Holiday porch with mini trees and wreath
Now, if the temperatures would only warm up, I could get my husband to put up the outside lights!  I tried to talk him into it weeks ago when it was still a little warm but he waited and now I have the sad-non-festive house on the block.  Boo hoo..

Are you still decorating?
Or, am I the only one?



  1. I love your trees, Shelly! They look great on either side of your door:)

  2. I'm still decorating too! I sure wouldn't call your house sad; I love your entryway! I'm so glad you shared how you made your trees work because we bought a little fake tree (excuse me, I mean faux tree) for our family room and the stand attached to it won't fit into anything pretty. I'm gonna hack that stand off and put that little tree in some foam and gravel! Yipee! Thanks, Shelley!

  3. I haven't put up any lights or much of any decorations yet either! Your trees look great in the urn.

  4. I love your entry Shelly! My little trees at the entry blew over last night so going to plan b. Have a wonderful holiday and very Merry Christmas !! Xo Nancy

  5. the trees look like they're a perfect fit Shelly and your entry is lovely! I'm kinda excited because the hubby put up lights for the first time in I can relate to that dark house look hahaha hugs to you and the family. Stay dry (it's actually going to be storming here in a few hours)

  6. Love the trees in the urns Shelley. I have been wanting to get a pair for our front entrance, hopefully next year. Our outside lights are half done and at this point they may just stay that way, it got really cold here too.

  7. Glad it worked out, your entry is so welcoming and pretty!

  8. Your front porch looks lovely! Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


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