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September 20, 2014

Deciding on the Porch Decor

Now that we've had some chilly days here and there, 
it's about time I started thinking about 
my front porch decor.

Here is how it looked two years ago,
because apparently I never took a picture 
last year!

And the year before that...
That little white sign is from when we were "spooked"
You can read about that HERE.

Anyway, this year I am thinking about hanging a wreath on the door...

Maybe something like this...
I think it would really stand out against the black door.

I plan to use the urns I bought this year...
I will refill them with either pumpkins or mums.
This picture was taken in the spring but believe it or not
the flowers are still alive!
Shocking since I have such a black thumb!

I will also add a few more mums around 
and possibly a lantern or two.

So that's my plan!

And now that I am finished with my school event obligations, 
I can get decorating!



  1. Love your decorating plans. I have been toying with the idea of adding lanterns outside for awhile too.

    Keep up posted!!!!

  2. I love your ideas. Have you ever seen the lanterns with mini pumpkins inside them? So cute! I don't have a porch in our rental :(

  3. Love your ideas Shelley, I love my black urns no matter the season!

  4. Great Fall decorating ideas! I haven't even thought about decorating for Fall because it's been so hot! But today is much cooler, so I may be doing the same thing today :)

  5. I think whatever you do with your front porch area will be pretty, because you have such a lovely backdrop with the door and the lovely trim. I've put a few things out but still waiting for it to get cool enough to buy some mums. Doggone Costco already has their huge and very inexpensive mums out in our local store, but it really is still too hot. Hopefully, they will get another shipment a bit later.


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