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August 26, 2014

Happy National Dog Day!

Today is National Dog Day and Rosie is here to say hello
and fill you in on her summer...

She has spent a lot of time rolling in the grass...

Ahhh...nothing like a shady spot to lay!

She spent most mornings under my desk.
I love looking down to see those cute feet!

And I love coming into my office to see my sweet girl waiting for me!

With her sweet little face!

She loved sunning herself on the deck cushions.

As well as the deck floor.

But she was not happy to be left behind 
while we spent the day on the beach.

Sorry, Rosie!  No dogs allowed on the beach!

But I think she was content to stay home and nap!
Ahhh...the dog days of summer!

Stop by the National Dog Day website
to learn how you can celebrate National Dog Day!

If you want to see more of Rosie
and a whole year of her adventures,
click HERE for the "Weekend Pupdates"!

Any dog adventures for you this summer?



  1. Oh she is so beautiful! What a lucky girl. My favorite shot is the gorgeous legs under the desk!

  2. Such a pretty girl!!! Hope you all enjoy the remainder of the summer together!!

  3. Rosie has grown into a gorgeous girl. Looks like she's had a good summer.

  4. Rosie is just gorgeous! There is nothing like a golden:)

  5. Rosie is beautiful and seems so playful!!! Hope you give her a special treat on this special day!

  6. Your dog is so precious!! I should have posted about my dogs on National Dog Day!!

  7. She is precious. Love the one of her looking out the window.


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