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July 31, 2014

Necessary Maintenance

We all want our houses to look nice
but it's not always fun to spend money on the basic upkeep of our homes.

Over the past year our roof has developed a black discoloring on the front.  Our neighbor had the same problem and used a pressure washing company to clean it up.  I figured I would try them out too.  I mean, what did I have to lose?  Look at this disaster...

Gross, huh?
The stucco also needed to be power washed.  
Under each of the windows, you can see discoloration.  

And here is the roof after the power washing!
So much better!
Supposedly it will get even cleaner after a few rains.
(Oh and the stucco is much cleaner too!)

I really am thrilled with the results!
Like a new roof!

Here's a quick look again at the before and after...
Big difference huh?

I feel like clapping...

"Because I'm happy
Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof"

(I had to throw that it because my son just loves that song!)

Anyway, I really am thrilled with the results.  But as we all know, home projects tend to snowball....

While they were washing the house, 
I had them also power wash and re-sand the pavers.  
 I don't have a "before" but trust me,
weeds were growing up between and they weren't pretty!

But like I said about the snowball effect...
Since everything was so clean, we discovered the trim on the house needed to be repainted.
You can see some nail pops above.

The boxes in the dining room bay window also needed a fresh coat of paint.  We had replaced the trim on this window with PVC a couple of years ago but inside the boxed areas are still wood.

And after our harsh winter,
the trim around our garage desperately needed some repair! 

At the moment, this is what is going on at my house...
Now I have to be really careful not to crash my car mirror into the trim again!

For those of you from NJ who want your house or roof cleaned, I highly recommend PSI Pressure Wash.  
I am not being compensated in any way to mention them.  I just thought they did an excellent job!

Have you done any maintenance at your house this summer?

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  1. Aaah, there is nothing like a fresh power washing. When we moved into our current house, it was so dirty that after we power washed it, everyone kept telling us how great the new siding looked. I need to re-sand our pavers too. The weeds are driving me crazy this summer! Your home is gorgeous, Shelley and I love seeing Rosie peek out the window :)

  2. Shelley I was so happy to see your post this morning...our roof has stains on it too...I hate it! Looks like we'll be calling a company to pressure wash it :-)

  3. yay for power washing the house! and consider it a blessing in disguise that you discovered the maintenance issues. nipping them in the bud early on will save you a head ache down the road! its coming together and I can't wait to see it freshly painted!

  4. Your home is gorgeous and it really does look amazing after the power wash.

  5. What a difference! My house has so many things like these that need to be've got me motivated!
    House on the Way

  6. It's amazing how small chores can make a big difference in the curb appeal of your house! Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


  7. Your roof looking great! We too have spent our summer doing boring but needed home improvement projects. Hopefully I can start some fun home project soon!

  8. We had our house power washed this summer, too. Which led to the brick patio. I actually love the look of mossy brick but it was past charming and dangerous. We are very happy with the results.

  9. Little things can make big changes.


  10. Wow! You have a huge house! I don't see any blemishes, only a wonderful home that I dream of owning one like it some day!

  11. It looks great! There is a big difference for sure. Our roof needs this, too, but I've been afraid to proceed b/c of all my flowers. Do they use bleach? Did it harm any of your shrubs/flowers?

  12. Your house is going to look brand new by the time you're done with it Shelley (power washing is addictive stuff isn't it?!). I'm amazed by the difference in your roof from the before to the after - your house was beautiful before but looks even more so now!

  13. I agree, those maintenance jobs are simply no fun! The power-washing did an amazing job. We seem to get crews of people working on different projects in and around our neighborhood, and this time of year, they are really trying to stay busy. Last year, in August (hot, hot, hot), several neighbors were getting their houses painted, and the painting crew stopped by here and made us an offer we couldn't refuse. They did an amazing job! We have a concrete tile roof, and with very little rain in the AZ desert, it needs no maintenance. Our stucco does get dirty over time, and the painting crew power-washed every inch before painting. It's not fun doing those things, but it certainly feels good to have them done!

  14. Wow, I don't think I would have thought to power wash a roof, but that totally makes sense and it made an amazing difference! Thanks for linking up with us at Best of the Nest.


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