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July 15, 2014

Gorgeous Accomodations

Where did Bachelorette, Andi stay in the Dominican Republic, you ask?

Don't tell me you don't watch The Bachelorette...

Well, I happen to know many of you out there indulge in the same guilty pleasure!  Whether you want to admit you watch or not, I am sure you would at least love to see the luxurious resorts featured on the show!

Apparently, last night's episode was filmed at three different resorts.

Andi and Nick had dinner and visited the "Fantasy Suite" at Puntacana Resort and Club - Tortuga Bay.  How incredible it would be to stay out one of these amazing beachfront villas - designed by Oscar de la Renta, I might add...

photo via
You have to go check out the photo gallery
of the gorgeous interiors!
Oh, and check out the Estates while you are there!
"Amazing!" - as they frequently say in the Bachelorworld!

On to the next...

Andi and Josh had dinner and visited the "Fantasy Suite" at the iconic Casa de Campo...I have had friends who have stayed at Casa de Campo and LOVED it!

I doubt my friends stayed here though...
photo via
Yeah, that's one of the villas!

And last but not least, Andi had dinner with Chris at the stunning Paradisus Punta Cana Resort.  She sent him home before they made it to the "Fantasy Suite" but I am sure the suite would have been fabulous!  And I would like to add that although Chris left broken hearted, I am rooting for him to become the next Bachelor!  What a sweet and classy guy!

Ahhh paradise!

And speaking of paradise, did you see which Bachelor/Bachelorette alumni were cast in the new show, Bachelor in Paradise?  The show is due to premiere on August 4th and I will be watching - for the scenery, of course!

Have you been to any resorts in the Dominican Republic?
If so, please share where you stayed!



  1. Dont kill me but I have never watched the bachelor , but I do love these accommodations!!

  2. It was pretty darn amazing for sure!!

  3. Amazing! Of course you know that I was glued to Bachelorette last night too :) Have never been to the Dominican Republic but would love to!

  4. Those places look beautiful.

    *Confession time*

    I've never watched The Bachelorette. Or the Bachelor.


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