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May 17, 2014

Saturday Gardening

You might remember what my lavender looked like last year...

Well, I am hoping it will end up just as pretty and full this season...
So today between baseball games, 
I will be out here weeding and cutting back the dead ends from last year.

It looks like quite a project
but really needs to be done.

And I think I will also be weeding the other beds too.
These things just pop up out of nowhere don't they?
We've had a lot of rain these past few days.

At least today is sunny and warm!

Are you planning any outdoor activities
 this weekend?



  1. Shelly your day sounds like mine...between lacrosse games I will be out weeding our garden beds. Haven't gotten to them yet so I have a lot of work for me ahead. Your lavender is fabulous! I should really think about planting some. We had a lot of rain too but today is gorgeous...perfect day to be outside!

    Have a great weekend!!!
    XO Barbara

  2. I love a day digging in the dirt. Stop by my blog to see my latest planting adventures too. I hope your lavendar comes back as pretty as before. Carole @ From My Carolina Home

  3. Those weeds do some to be a gardeners full time project! I just spent about 6 hours over the past 2 days weeding both the front and back gardens and am looking forward to getting outside and enjoying all my hard work.

    I love your lavender! and cant wait to see it come back. I have a lavender question for you....since it loves kind of dry soil do you mulch around it?

  4. I bet they will look great again this year! I love lavender too!
    Lots of planting, weeding, mowing, sprinklers for me this weekend. Couldn't think of a better way to spend a day!
    Enjoy your day!

  5. Your lavender looked gorgeous last year! I haven't had much luck with lavender so I gave up on it. But seeing your pictures is making want to give it another try. And I hear you about the weeds. They. never. end. Happy gardening!


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