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April 15, 2014

End Table Upgrade

The other day I picked up this table at HomeGoods.
It was the right size to replace my old family room end table
AND it was only $99.00!  How could I pass that up?!!

The new table replaces this sad little drop leaf oak table below.  The oak table has definitely seen better days.  It's old, worn, faded and we no longer bother using coasters on top.

Not only is it ugly and old, but it's also broken.  You see, the table has a drawer that you can't see in the above picture.  A few years ago the drawer fell apart so we flipped the table around so the back faced out.  I planned to buy a new table right away but never made it a priority.  So there it stood, looking hideous with a big open hole in the back collecting dust!

One scary, dusty mess!

So for $99.00, I didn't even hesitate
 when I saw the cute little Broyhill table at HomeGoods!

One simple change can make a huge difference, 
don't you think?

 Old End Table:

 New End Table:

Now my husband just has be careful when he is snacking in there!
(Ironically, only the kids obey the "no snacking in the family room" rule!)

Have you held onto any furniture way too long?

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  1. I like it much better. I know folks who would have painted the old one...... Have a great day!

  2. Love it, great choice and it has storage on the bottom shelf too.

  3. Gotta love Homegoods. They never disappoint! It looks great Shelley!

  4. Love Home Goods. Such a nice table you found.

  5. Definitely better, glad it's a great price too!

  6. HomeGoods is the best - your new table makes a big difference!!


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