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March 12, 2014

House Dreaming

I love to browse through real estate listings just for fun...
Don't we all?

This past weekend I came across a house that I just can't get out of my head...

I am seriously in love.

I have already pictured myself sipping a glass of wine
on this gorgeous back patio.
Seriously, wouldn't you be out there all day?

I can also see myself upper balcony
sipping my morning tea.
(I think I must be thirsty)

I would probably be wearing this
because you must wear a pretty monogrammed robe
if you are going to be on that upper balcony.

The inside of the house is equally gorgeous!
I could live in just the master bathroom!

All the rooms have so much light
and the whole back of the house opens up to that patio.
Oh, that patio...

I know it's not realistic.
The price alone is out of the question...
But I want this house.

It would mean uprooting my family to a totally different area.
But that area is just outside of Princeton
and how wonderful would that be...
I could go shopping downtown in beautiful Palmer Square.

Or speaking of shopping,
Market Fair Mall would be close by.
How great to be near Pottery Barn, West Elm, Anthropologie..

The University and all of the Princeton culture is right there,
fun new restaurants...oh to dream...

The website says "pending".
Someone beat me to the house
and my new lifestyle living outside of Princeton.

I guess it wasn't meant to be..

Before the listing disappears,
go check out the rest of the rooms for yourself.
I probably should pin more before it goes away!

Have you ever wanted to change your whole life around
just because you fell in love with a house?



  1. I guess it's okay to do a little bit of dreaming...great house and yes you would need that monogram robe!


  2. Wow, great find! I could make myself very comfy here. And Princeton is such a beautiful area. But then again, if I had that back patio would i ever leave it to go into town? :)


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