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February 25, 2014

St. Lucia on The Bachelor

You know I just love swooning over the hotels The Bachelor and his ladies stay at each season!  And I especially love it when the cast of the show visits a gorgeous Caribbean island!  This season, they traveled to St. Lucia.  Once again I was reminded to put that island on my bucket list!  What a breathtaking location!

If you are a fan of The Bachelor, you know this is the second time the show has taped the overnight dates in St. Lucia.  During Jake's season, the cast stayed at Jade Mountain - an "amazing" place.  And if you are a fan of the show, you know that they use the word "amazing" a lot!  But wow, St. Lucia really is one stunning place to visit!  No wonder the show keeps going back there.  Let's just hope this Bachelor has better luck than Jake did in the end.

So where did the Bachelor, Juan Pablo stay in St. Lucia, you ask?

It appeared that Juan Pablo and each of the 3 final ladies stayed at different resorts.  Each of these resorts were featured on the show...

I really have to make it a point to get to that island.  Not only is the scenery just breathtaking but the accommodations look extremely luxurious and so inviting!  Check out the websites listed above and you will see why "St. Lucia is the perfect place to fall in love"...(a typical Bachelor line but oh so true in this case!)

Did you happen to catch the St. Lucia episode?
Have you ever been to St. Lucia?


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  1. I'm no fan of The Bachelor but I am a fan of gorgeous destinations such as these for sure!


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