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February 12, 2014

Last Minute School Valentines

This year I waited too long to buy Valentines for my kids' classes. 

The only ones left in the stores were princess themed or some action characters that my boys could care less about.  Luckily, the internet saved me!  My boys are into Minecraft and Skylanders these days and I was fortunate enough to come across the perfect Valentines on Esty!

Here is one of the sites I used:
 Etsy - DigiParty (discontinued)

Here are some substitutes(similar)(similar)(similar)

I paid, downloaded and printed!
Sure, I did find a few blogs that had free ones,
but I liked the graphics on these better...
plus I love to spend money - LOL!

Then so I wouldn't waste all of our printer ink, I headed over to Staples and copied the Valentines onto card stock.  Now all we have to do is sign them and we are ready to go!  I have a feeling we will have plenty of time to do that tomorrow.  Apparently the storm that is coming up the east coast will give us another snow day tomorrow.  Here we go again... We are expecting over a foot. - Ugh!  How many more days till spring?...

What did you do for Valentines this year?
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  1. They are saying we will get more than a foot here in NoVa, so it looks like there will be no Valentines Day Parties here :( Stay warm friend!

  2. Ha! "I love to spend money"
    Stay warm!!!

  3. Etsy is the best - what a great idea!!

  4. I like it too. Pinterest and Etsy are good sites of findings:)

    The Quiet Mom @ Pastrami French Dip with Bell Peppers and Caramelized Onion (

  5. Those are some great Valentine's!! We luckily found NBA themed ones because my kids are in that strange age range where the action figures are not cool anymore, and they are waaaayyyy over and done with Disney. My boys LOVE to play Minecraft, and would have definitely felt pretty special handing these out to their friends. I'm noting this one for next year!


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