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January 11, 2014

Media Stand Shopping

Recently we upgraded our TV in the basement playroom to a 51".

Now, as you can see,
we need to upgrade that wimpy little media stand
to something a little larger.

I don't want to spend a lot although I want something that will work better size-wise.  I also need some serious storage for all the Skylanders, Wii, XBox paraphernalia.

The playroom is nothing fancy yet I want a more furniture look than TV stand like the one we currently have.  I don't want to continue the trend of this space being the "land of misfit furniture".

Here are a few I am considering:

I would love something like this...

Huge - and imagine how great this would be at hiding all the mess!

This one is actually what I picture to be perfect in the room.
It just needs to go on sale!

Something like this could also work in there...

Threshold Carson Media Stand

The only problem is, this one isn't wide enough.  They have a similar one in black and I guess if I wanted it to match the TV (like the old stand), then it will work...

Wood TV Stand

So, I am still looking around.  It is only for a playroom, but I do want the piece to be functional as well as look nice!

Are you doing any shopping for your home this weekend?



  1. Shelley you can even try Home Decorators they have a really nice selection ante they're reasonably priced.

  2. You can also drill holes for cables in the back of furniture not necessarily made for media stands, like dressers, sideboards, etc. For some reason, it seems like when it's called a media stand the price goes way up! I love that one at Pottery Barn, too. It's gorgeous. Happy shopping and good luck!

  3. Can my son come over and play his gaming system on that tv? I completely agree with you on the size and function. Keep looking, you will find it.

  4. Try Overstock, too. I have purchased a few things from them and been pleased! Good luck!

  5. My friend and I have been looking for one for her, and found a gorgeous one at Homegoods. It was $299. Since we got it I've seen it in other Homegoods. They always seems to have low media stands that are affordable, with cabinet doors to hide everything!

  6. JC Penneys used to have an exact match to the PB Logan stand called Trevor, but I can't find it anymore :( Try Walmart's website. That's where we ended up getting ours when I was on the hunt for a Logan look-a-like (ended up doing something different though). Lots of options, prices are great, and the quality ended up being better than I expected.


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