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November 8, 2013

Friday Food Focus

Welcome to the Friday Food Focus
where each week I travel down the alphabet
highlighting GMO-free foods.

We have made it to the letter "U"
and this week I tried something new to me:

I was a little hesitant since the words "gluten free" 
don't usually scream "enjoyable" in my world.
Let me tell you - I was pleasantly surprised!

These bars were chewy and delicious.
They are a great snack to grab when you need a little boost,
like during that late afternoon slump.

With the mixture of oats, nuts and chocolate chips,
I felt full and nourished while satisfying my chocolate cravings!
Even my 7 year old fellow chocolate lover couldn't keep away from these bars!

 Yummy...GMO-free and gluten free...
What more could you want in a granola bar?

*Once again, I am not being compensated in any way to mention this brand.

If you need more of my GMO-free list,
please click on any of the links below!


What are you munching on for snacks?


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  1. These look great to me. I love Udi's bread and pizza crust, so I am sure this will be great!


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