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November 22, 2013

Friday Food Focus

We have reached the letter "W" 
in my alphabetical list of GMO-free foods.

This week, Rosie is going to recommend her favorite GMO-free food.
(What?  I never said this list was strictly for people!)

My darling doggie recommends 
She was being a bit of a diva on the day of the photo shoot.  
Note that smirk on her face!
Actually, I think she is trying to tell us how much she hates GMOs too!

We started using this brand about a year ago
and Rosie loves it.
I love it because of the healthy ingredients
and of course because the formula we buy is GMO free!

I have great respect for Wellness for responding to the current concerns about GMOs.  They are on a "GMO-Free journey" just like I am!  Currently, their dry products contain GMO-free ingredients and according to their website, they are working towards guaranteeing GMO-free ingredients for even more of their products!

After all, we should do all we can to keep our precious pets healthy!

What kind of dog food do you buy?

*Once again, I am not being compensated in any way to mention this brand.

If you would like to see more of my GMO-free list,
please click on any of the links below!



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  1. She is honestly one of the BEST looking goldens I have ever seen!!


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