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November 13, 2013

Cozy Winter Pillows

Now that that temperatures have dropped,
I feel the need to add some extra coziness around the house.

I recently purchased two of these white cable-knit pillows
from Joss and Main
to go with my already super-cozy Pottery Barn 

I love the way they warm up the living room.

 Before we know it, there will be snow out those windows...brrrr...

Time to snuggle up!

Did someone say "snuggle up"?

This is one of the out-takes for the Pottery Barn Pet Contest I entered on
Instagram.  I felt like this picture looked a little too posed so I went with another.

Go check out all the cuties and read about the Instagram contest on the 
Pottery Barn Facebook page.  Scroll down and see if you can find Rosie.

Yeah, this is the second time in the past week I have mentioned Instagram.
It's new to me and I am just learning how to use, fun, fun!

How are you keeping warm today?
If you are lying on a warm beach somewhere, do share!



  1. Hi Shelley, I wish I was lying on a warm beach somewhere! I love the cable knit pillows… Rosie looks so cute, I think she is a winner! Good luck in the contest!

  2. Love the pillows...sadly they would be covered in toddler mess in about 2 seconds in my house. My littlest one loves to burrow into pillows.

  3. Nice pillows! They do look comfy.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. She looks like she's waiting for you to leave so she can hop in the chair! :) Who wouldn't choose that cute girl!!

  5. I love the cable-knit pillows. I have two Ralph Lauren cable knit throws and I LOVE them. xo

  6. Pretty pillows Shelley...I would LUV to snuggle with that cutie:)

  7. I love the texture of the pillows, and yes, they scream "winter is here!"

  8. I love the winter white color of the Joss and Main pillows. Very cozy!

  9. Seriously Shelley, how can stand how cute that pup of yours is???? She is so adorable! I have often thought about using one of those tutorials floating around to make a pillow out of an old cable knit sweater, but alas, I have yet to do it. I think I may have to buy myself some of these instead! They look so cozy and I LOOOOOVE those PB chairs of yours!!

  10. Super cute pillows - and your dog should definitely win!

  11. They are perfect dear, did you happen to see the Target Version? Wonder which one is cozier! Love it either way, glad your happy!

  12. I love how cozy these pillows look.


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