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October 3, 2013

One Room Challenge {Week #1}


The One Room Challenge is open to everyone!

Since I started my office a while back, I thought the One Room Challenge would be the perfect motivation I needed to get that room finished!
Now, if you have read my blog, you might recall that I haven't done much in there in awhile.  I was kind of at a standstill....that is until the One Room Challenge came along!  So far, we had the room painted, crown molding and hardwood floors installed and I bought a rug which I was on the fence about for awhile.

Here is the room after we painted and installed the hardwood floors.
(And by "we", I mean the painter and hardwood floor installer!)
The walls are Benjamin Moore Bone White
with Decorators White trim.
The floors are Hickory Saddle
 from the Character Collection of Somerset Floors.

Here is the striped rug from Dash and Albert with a makeshift desk to get a feel for the size.  At one point the stripes drove me a little crazy and I planned to return the rug.  Then I got used to it and kept it!

And if you read my recent post you know that I bought a bookcase.  Well my first project for Week 1 is to paint that bookcase white since I am unhappy with the cream color.

 As you can see, I started removing the shelves for priming.
What on earth was I thinking - I hate painting!

Here is one of the shelves.  You can see against the white that the shelves are definitely a cream color and not a white-white.  Now a logical person would have returned the shelves if they weren't perfect but no not me, I like to make things difficult.

I read all of your wonderful suggestions on how to get this job done and my plan was to go with a deglosser and then Benjamin Moore's Advance paint.  When I brought a shelf with me to the Benjamin Moore store, they suggested that instead of using a deglosser, I should use a primer called Stix.  They showed me some examples in the store and I decided to go that route.  They agreed on the Advance paint so I made my purchases and off I went.  Yesterday morning I primed the shelves with the Stix primer and then last night I started painting them with Benjamin Moore's Decorator's White Advance.  Today I will be painting more.  I plan to use two coats of paint if I don't go insane by then.  (If you read my post last night, you will see how much I do not enjoy this!)

Anyway, back to the office...
A while back I drew a possible layout for the room.
Although the exact furniture may end up a little different,
I still plan to float a desk in front of the bookcase.

Here is my inspiration board...
Details can be found HERE .

And if we want to go way back,
here is what the room looked like after Rosie ripped up the carpet.
That silly dog knew what she was doing,
because thanks to her I got my hardwood floors!

Anyway, I am motivated to finally get this room finished!
Now if I could only get these shelves painted....

What room are you working on?

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Thanks for hosting, Linda!


  1. Keep at it girlfriend, I'm painting today too! :) It's going to be worth all your trouble!

  2. I love your inspiration board! Can't wait to see your progress! I think your pup needs to meet my Beau!

  3. I'm so excited you are doing the ORC!! Can't wait to see your progress :)

  4. Try to be in a happy place while you paint, you will be proud of yourself and the finished product when you are done.

    Way to go, Rosie! That's a good kind of mischief. My friend's dog ate her passport and visa yesterday, not the good kind of mischief!

  5. LOVE the board you put's going to look fabulous!! I'm working on a paint project today also:)

  6. Love the rug! I'm excited to follow along, your space is going to be amazing when you finish. I'm linking up with linda too! I'm so happy she opened this up to everyone.

  7. Your inspiration pics are so great! Excited to follow along. I will be painting shelves soon myself with my ORC.

  8. I'm so glad you kept the rug! And I love the size and scale of the bookcases. Your office is going to be fabulous, Shelley!

  9. Shelly, those floors are beautiful and I am also one of the happy people to read that you kept the rug. I usually listen to music or have a tv show on the iPad when I paint. It can make it less awful. Thanks for joining in. This will be a fantastic office.

  10. Love the colors you have chosen and can't wait to see the room! The new flooring is awesome!

    Happy day to you!

  11. Love your ideas! The inspiration board is fantastic. Can't wait to see the whole room!

  12. Love your room, the floors, the rug and the bookcase! It will be beautiful! Hang in there and good luck with the painting! Gotta love those puppies!

    xo Nancy

  13. Fun ideas! I really like the rug - glad you got used to it!

  14. Love these one room challenges! Is anyone really allowed to do this? To post about it? I'm thinking your pup knew exactly where this would end and hardwoods are the best solution! Can't wait to see the finished product! The board is wonderful and I love all of your choices..but then again, I always do!

  15. I am very excited about this one room calleenge and getting lots of inspiration!

    Velvet Pumpkins Giveaway!

  16. Benjamin moored Aura paint is self priming. So if you do it in the white you will only need one coat since you primed! I can't wait to see this reveal it will be so sharp!
    Best of luck with paint!

  17. Mood board looks fabulous! I'm so excited to see it all come together!

  18. Can't wait to see how it turns out. I also love that you showed us a diagram of the room..helps put it all in perspective:)

  19. oh i love where this is headed! we just used that blue/white paisley fabric (#1) on some barstools for a client and its BEAUTIFUL. i really like the fabric!! this is going to look sensational

  20. I love the ideas you have in mind for your office. I love all the blue accents. Your rug is great too.


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