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October 17, 2013

One Room Challenge - The Office {Week 3}

I can't believe it is already Week 3 of the

If you stopped by my blog yesterday, you read that I actually finished painting my bookcases!  Whew - glad that's over!  But not only did I finish the shelves...

My new desk arrived...
 This is the Hooker Furniture Leg Desk.
I had been eyeing it up at a local furniture store for a few weeks
and then it suddenly went on sale!
AND they had one in the warehouse!
Gotta love that instant gratification!
I adore the fluted legs.
They kind of give it a Caribbean feel.

My original plan was to buy a white desk from Ballard but I decided I didn't want a white desk in front of a white bookcase.  Plus the Ballard desk isn't really a white-white and there was no way I was going to paint another piece of furniture!  I like the contrast of the dark wood and I plan on adding some other dark wood to the room for a more traditional feel.

But not only did the desk arrive, but I also picked up a chair from Ikea.  It's just a simple slip-covered Parson's chair.  Once again, I strayed from my original plan of getting that cute white chair with the fun paisley fabric from Ballard.  But I had to keep budget in mind and the Ikea chair was only $100.00 and it's very comfortable.  Plus, I could always put a decorative pillow on it to liven it up.
Comfortable, practical...and much less expensive.

The Ballard Louis XVI Oval Back Side Chair I originally planned for would end up costing around $481.00....but it sure is beautiful isn't it?

Maybe after some time I will end up getting it...or maybe Santa will be generous this year...

But wait,
we are not finished!
The lighting has been installed!
I was bouncing off the walls with excitement yesterday
when this baby went up!

It's the Ballard Carriage House Chandelier
and I couldn't love it more!

I keep walking in the room to turn it on.
Here is how it looks lit up.
I love the pretty shadows it makes on the ceiling.
I knew the second it I saw it that this was the right light for the space!

So it has been a very productive week!
I just hope I can keep up the momentum with this room
for the full 6 weeks!

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What did you get done this week?



  1. That desk is PERFECT!! Love the legs. I'm so excited to see this all come together, so far I am loving everything!

  2. Love the desk and the lantern -- its one of my faves!

  3. The desk is a great piece. I love Ballard and shop there for myself and for clients. The chandelier makes a statement.

  4. It is coming together so nicely. I actually like the neutral chair...the other one limits your color pallet should you ever want to change it.

  5. I love the desk's legs, adorable! Beautiful choices ;)

  6. Shelley, your office is going to be so gorgeous!! I love the dark stained desk with the white and your striped rug is perfect. I'd add a blue paisley pillow to the chair! :)

  7. Shelley, it's looking great! I have had my eye on that Ballard chandelier for years, and it looks perfect in your space. Love the desk too. Have a great weekend!!

  8. That desk is the icing on the gluten free cake for me. Great choice, and it sounds like a great deal, too. I love how you keep turning the light on and off....I do that too :). This is such a wonderful space already. You are so close to being done, great job.

  9. I love the dark desk, it creates such nice contrast in the room, and pretty legs!

  10. Aaaaah, that desk is super gorgeous! A real heirloom for sure, looks great on that beautiful striped rug you have too!

  11. Hi Shelley! Oh, your new desk is gorgeous and I love your light too. The chair looks perfect. Your room is becoming so elegant! I'm enjoying seeing your progress on it. Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Shelley I love what you have chosen! The desk, adore the lantern, perfect! I cannot wait to see more!

    2013 Designer & Artists Series

  13. Your new desk is gorgeous! I love the details in the legs. Your inspiration chair from Ballard's is really nice, maybe you can find a pillow in a similar pattern to go with your chair to hold you over until Santa delivers!!


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