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October 18, 2013

Friday Food Focus

Welcome to the Friday Food Focus
where each week I work my way down the alphabet
highlighting brands of Non-GMO foods.

We have reached the letter "S" which was very easy for me
because I already had a couple things in my pantry and refrigerator.

In the pantry, we have canola oil...
And since canola oil is one of the most genetically modified crops,
 we use Spectrum Organics.
I cook with it and use it as an ingredient when baking.
So far I have also tried their olive oil
but they also make other oils, mayonnaise and vinegar.

And in the frig, we always have organic milk and yogurt... 
One of the brands we like is

The kids love the yogurts for the flavor
but I love them because they don't have
artificial colors, sweeteners and preservatives
like so many other yogurts out there.

If you are looking for more examples of GMO-free foods,
check out my previous posts.
Just click on each letter below!


What's in your pantry and frig?


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  1. Totally unrelated... I just had to pop by and say that I hope Rosie has been a better girl today! Your comment yesterday was one more on the "con" list for me :-)


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