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October 11, 2013

Friday Food Focus

As I continue my journey to go GMO-free A to Z,
I found myself at the letter "R" with no brands in my pantry to recommend...

So, off to the store I went and the only brand I could find that started with "R" was Rhythm Superfoods who makes Kale Chips.  Now, I have tried kale chips in the past and let me tell you, it was not a pleasant experience!  But since the Rhythm brand had flavored ones, I took my chances...

As you can see, I started out small with the Zesty Nacho flavor.
(This is one tiny piece on a bread plate)

But I must say I was pleasantly surprised!
The chips were full of flavor and had a nice crunch.
I actually went back and munched on a few more!

The chips are vegan, Non-GMO, organic...
And you can't beat kale for it's nutritional value!

According to their website, they also make 
a mango-habanero flavor
which must be delicious!
Give them a try.
You might be pleasantly surprised too!

I thought I would also mention that tomorrow, October 12th is World Food Day AND the March Against Monsanto in cities across the world.  For the march last spring, protesters showed up in locations all over the world but the mainstream media barely covered it.  Kind of makes you think, huh?

If you are looking for more examples of GMO-free foods,
check out my previous posts.
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Once again, I am not being compensated in any way to feature these products.  I am just trying to highlight brands I have tried so you can all be aware of the healthier choices out there!

What are you eating?


  1. We share the same name AND anti -Monsanto feelings... We were twins separated at birth ! Lol :)

  2. Haven't jumped that band wagon yet, but would love to try it soon! Thanks for the info!


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