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August 19, 2013

The Cardboard Boat Race

I mentioned last week
that the kids and I were working on this year's cardboard boat
for the annual Cardboard Boat Regatta at the pool.

We worked on the boat last Thursday
before hopping in the car and road-tripping to 
Washington D.C. for the weekend with the family.

We made it home yesterday
just in time for the "big race"!

This year we went with the Jet Star Roller Coaster theme!

I am sure you have heard of the Jet Star...the roller coaster that plunged into the ocean during Hurricane Sandy!  We thought it would be nice to honor the fallen coaster - and to celebrate our dear Jersey Shore.  

This year the kids were even more involved in the duct taping.  I had to refrain myself from smoothing out all the bumps and messy areas, but after all - this is a kids' project.  We added a flag to the back of our coaster to represent the flag that waved from the top of the real coaster stranded in the ocean.  You might remember, a man swam out to the coaster, climbed it and placed a flag on top where it remained until the structure was removed from the ocean a few months ago.

Our team wore the Restore the Shore T-Shirts as their "uniform"!

And they were ready to race!
Although, we had a last minute substitution
when my 7 year old got nervous.  
A friend was happy to fill in!
And they were off!

But then the Jet Star hit some rocky seas!

And the race was over
for Team Jersey Shore!
Well, there is always next year!

If you want to read about last year's race,
click - The Shark Boat.

Now as soon as I organize my Washington, D.C. pictures,
I will fill you in on our weekend getaway!

Do you have any special events at your local pool?

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  1. Shelley could you hear me laughing through the computer screen? What an awesome race and how fun to be watching it from the sidelines. You're such a cool Mom. I can just see you with the duct tape in your hand watching them work on their masterpiece. What fun!

  2. So much fun! I love this tradition of yours :-)

  3. What a blast, and a great summer event to look forward to!

  4. This looks so fun! Love the shore theme :)


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