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August 23, 2013

Friday Food Focus

Welcome to the Friday Food Focus
where each week I highlight GMO free brands
on my journey to go GMO free - A to Z!

The letter for this week is "L"!

And while the calendar may say late August,
It is Late July around here!

Face it, we all like to snack on chips every now and then.  I recently stumbled upon a fabulous brand of snacks called Late July.  I have always loved tortilla chips that have a hint of lime flavoring but I have given up those because of those nasty GMOs!  Late July chips are GMO free and absolutely delicious!

In addition to these chips,
we have also tried the Late July crackers
which are a great substitute for Ritz crackers.

And once again,
I am not being compensated in any way to mention these brands.

If you would like to check out previous posts
in my GMO-free A to Z journey,
click on each letter below.


Have you tried any good chips lately?


  1. I never met a tortilla chip I have not loved. These with a hint of lime sound delish.

  2. Every week I mean to comment and let you know how much I enjoy this series.


  3. I have not heard of this brand. TO be honest I try not to purchase chips because once that bag is open....I can't stop.

  4. I'm a big fan of the lime tortilla chips, too. I just went to a party last weekend and took regular tortilla chips. Head slap!! Should have checked here, first!

  5. I ran across your blog today and just wanted to say that if you haven't already been told, your pink vine (Aug 1st posting) is a mandevilla vine. I love this plant too, and it also comes in red, which is slightly different...smaller leaves and flowers but also pretty.


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