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August 2, 2013

Friday Food Focus

Yeah, "focus" should be the word for me today!

I was grocery shopping yesterday and while in the whole foods section,
I ran into a friend.
By the time we finished our long chat,
I went on to complete my shopping and drove home.

I don't know if it was the distraction of my sloshing wet flip flops from the rain storm, or the engaging conversation but by the time I was halfway home I realized I had forgotten to purchase my Letter "I" product for today's Friday Food Focus!

So this week, instead of giving you a review of an organic/GMO-free product I have tried, I will just list a brand that you might want to check out for yourself!

Imagine makes a variety of organic soups and broths that I have been meaning to try.  In fact, yesterday I had planned to pick up a box of their Organic Chicken Cooking Stock but like I said...that didn't happen!

Go over to their website and check out the varieties of soups they carry.
All of their soups are Non-GMO and have no MSG!

And once again...
I am not being compensated in any way 
to mention any of these brands each week.
I am just trying to get the word out
on all the organic/Non-GMO foods out there.

We do have healthy choices if you just look around!

If you would like to check out previous posts
in my GMO-free A to Z journey,
click on each letter below.


Have you tried any of the Imagine soups?

Thanks and enjoy your weekend!



  1. Havent tried any but since I can only eat soups because of my swallowing disorder I will definitely go check them out right now, Thank you for posting this! :)

  2. I so appreciate this post as I am trying to find/cook more healthy foods for my family.


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