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July 12, 2013

Friday Food Focus

It's Friday and around here that means
it's time to go
GMO free - A to Z!

Each week I highlight a food brand
that does not use GMO ingredients.
Today we will focus on the letter "F".

But before we do,
I thought you might want to read an interesting article
from the Prevention website:
This article supports my theory that GMO foods
are possibly the cause of so many allergies. 
Please read it and see what you think.

Anyway as I said,
the letter for today is "F".

Up until this point, I could just pull any product from my pantry and write a review since I already had been buying GMO free brands that started with the letters A through E.  This week, I had to go to the store and find a brand that started with the letter "F".  I discovered a company called Fantastic Whole Foods and I purchased a box of their Organic Whole Wheat Couscous.

I had been buying another brand of couscous up until now because I guess I never saw an organic one before.  As I have mentioned before, as much as I try - I do not buy strictly organic.  I would love to but realistically it can be expensive and sometimes the organic/non-GMO brands can be hard to find.  I shop mostly at a food store called Wegman's which has a large section dedicated to whole foods.  I also shop in a couple local health food stores in the area.  The closest Whole Foods Market is about an hour away so unfortunately, that store is a little out of reach for me.

Anyway, the other brand I have bought in the past includes premixed spice packets so all you have to do is bring the water and spice packet to a boil, add the couscous, remove from heat and you are done.  The Fantastic Food couscous is just as easy to cook, except it does not come with a spice packet.  I didn't think that far ahead when I made it so I just got creative with the ingredients I had on hand.

Yes, these ingredients probably look familiar to you if you read my old stand-by additions!  I chopped up some mango, cilantro and added some lime juice.  I was out of almonds but I think that would have made a nice addition.  The dish probably could have used some spices or something if used as a regular side dish but at the last minute I ended up grilling some garlicky chicken and placing it on top.  The flavors worked together and everyone was happy!

Here are two other times I have used similar ingredients:

For years I have been buying some organic foods - basically to avoid pesticides and the huge number of preservatives and colorings found in the typical processed foods.  It wasn't until recently that I started learning about Genetically Modified Foods that I have become VERY conscious about everything we put into our bodies.

I hope my weekly GMO free - A to Z list inspires 
you try some different foods too!

The list so far:

Just remember,
 organic products cannot contain any GMO ingredients
so basically the foods says "organic" or has the Non-GMO project seal, 
you can feel good about buying it!

What organic products have you tried?

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