June 29, 2013

Friday Food Focus

Ok, so technically it's not Friday anymore
but we will just pretend so I can keep up 
my Friday Food Focus:
GMO Free - A to Z.

Today's letter is E.

We like Eden Foods beans 
because they are organic, 
AND their cans are BPA Free!

It is amazing how many companies still use
BPA can linings!

I try to cook with beans whenever possible
especially when I get into my
"I'm going to become a vegetarian" mood.

In addition to beans,
Eden Foods makes many other food products.
I have also tried their Quinoa and Edensoy Soymilk.

As I have mentioned before,
I am not compensated in any way to mention this company.
I am just listing Non-GMO foods that I recommend.

Here are the links to the rest of my list:


Have you tried any Eden products?

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