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June 14, 2013

Friday Food Focus

Welcome back to the Friday Food Focus!

Because my latest obsession is avoiding GMO foods,
each week I will highlight some brands
that do not use GMO ingredients.

This week, the letter is "C".

We love Cascadian Farm for their delicious cereals
and that they are now enrolled in the Non-GMO Project!

Here are just a couple that we have in the house right now.  We have tried several varieties and have been happy with the taste of all of them.  I especially like the granola cereal and my kids also love their chewy granola bars.  Check out their website for more products to try!

And a shout out to a company who is on their way to being Non-GMO....I stated in my post a couple weeks ago that Chipotle Mexican Grill recently announced a goal to eliminate GMOs from their food.  In the meantime, they have provided a list of ingredients on their website including those menu items that currently contain GMO's.  Gotta love Chipotle for responding to the concerns of the health conscious public!

Do you eat any Non-GMO brands that begin with the letter "C"?



  1. Another great cereal for my kids to try thanks :)

  2. I came to 'C' because organic corn is almost impossible to 'manufacture' with GMO's. I know many organic foods can be genetically altered, but corn for some reason is safe. So, I buy organic corn flakes as well as organic corn starch, etc.


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