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June 7, 2013

Friday Food Focus

Last week I recommended some brands of food that are GMO-free
and start with the letter "A".

This week I am focusing on a couple brands we like
 that start with the letter "B".

One of the cereals we eat is made by the brand, Barbara's.

So far we have tried the Shredded Oats
 and the Shredded Oats Cinnamon Crunch cereals.
I like a good crunchy cereal and both of these don't disappoint...
plus they are high in fiber - and my kids love them!

source - Barbara'

Many of Barbara's products are verified by the "Non-GMO Project"
 and they are adding more all the time.
You can read all about the Non-GMO Project at

Now, I can't mention the letter "B"
 without including a company that recently announced
 that they have committed to sourcing non-GMO ingredients
 for all their products by the end of 2013!

source -

According to their website, currently 80% of their
 "ingredients by volume are sourced non-GMO" in the US and Canada.
Their European products are already non-GMO.

I can't tell you how happy this makes me!
I am a huge ice cream eater.
In fact, ice cream doesn't even last in my house
 and not because of my kids...
but because of me.

I have to admit, that I switch back and forth between
Ben and Jerry's and Haagen Dazs.
But this new GMO announcement 
could make me commit to Ben and Jerry's!
Way to go guys!

You can read all about the updates
on Ben and Jerry's GMO position

If you missed my recommendations from last week, click HERE.

Do you have any Non-GMO brands to recommend?


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  1. Thanks Shelley! I will try the cereal. It must be good if your kids love it too :)

    We freeze bannana's and make our kids think it's icecream. It's that good!


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