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June 12, 2013

A Rosie Hello

Every now and then,
someone will ask me how Rosie is doing...

And since I have a million things going on today,
I thought it would be a good day for her
to pop in and say hello....

I just took this picture a few minutes ago.
I don't know if you can see the cut on her nose or not
but this morning she was playing with a snapping turtle...

And yes, it bit her in the nose!

I frantically called the vet but she was not concerned.
Of course I had to then get a shovel and carry the nasty turtle 
out of my yard.

Another example of why I can't get anything done around here...

So to answer your question...
Yes Rosie is fine - just up to her usual mischief!
How is your day going?


  1. Aww, poor baby just wanted a playmate since her mommy is too busy! :)

  2. Oh, ouch. We get those around our pond and haul them off. They are vicious.

  3. Poor Rosie!! She's just trying to have fun! Now that you mention it I do miss reading those updates!!

  4. Oh, poor Rosie! Reminds me of the time my childhood cat got bit by a mouse. ;) I can't believe how big she is!!

  5. Sweet girl! I guess the turtle wanted some of her sugar :-)

  6. What a darling dog!!! You are a good mama to get rid of that bad old turtle!

  7. She looks like she got lucky with the snapping turtle. I can’t believe that she would try to pick a fight with a snapping turtle. My day is going great thank you for asking! I hope you get everything accomplished that you need to.

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  8. Glad to hear Rosie is still up to her shenanigans and that the turtle bite wasn't serious.


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