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May 14, 2013

Why Would They Cancel This Show?

I was so sad to read that my favorite sitcom Rules of Engagement
has been cancelled.

Now what am I going to watch for entertainment?!!
Honestly, if it is not Bachelor season, I am barely turning on the TV.
Well, except to see Keith Urban on Idol...

I know many of you have gotten hooked on Downton Abbey.
Maybe I will catch up with that.
But I don't think it will cause me to fall off the couch with laughter!
Every character on Rules was hilarious!

Well, I guess it's a good thing that I am not wasting time watching TV.
But I really enjoy a good silly comedy every now and then.
Rules of Engagement could get me laughing so hard
 I would have tears streaming down my face.

Now the tears are real tears because I will miss those goofy characters.
Boo hoo CBS.
What were you thinking?

At least I can always catch a great rerun of Seinfeld late at night!

Have any of your favorites been cancelled recently?



  1. Try "Modern Family", my favorite TV show.

    1. My sister in law loves that too! I think I need to get the DVDs. Thanks Ron!

  2. CBS also cancelled Vegas last of my faves, so I feel for ya!!!!!

  3. Oh that is such a bummer….we loved Rules of Engagement too! (When we find the time to watch TV!) I love Modern Family too….do you watch that?

  4. I agree with Ron, time to start watching Modern Family.

  5. Noooo! I just found Rules of Engagement on Netflix and have been watching every day on my lunch break. I am only on season 4 but I will be so sad to see it end.

  6. They cancelled Smash which was my favorite on NBC. I get so tired of all the hour long crime shows, they seem to be everywhere and Smash was such a refreshing change of pace. In comedies I like Modern Family and The Middle, which totally cracks me up at times. I never watched ROE but I thought it looked quite good. I guess I just wanted to vent because I hate to see good shows go and some of these silly reality shows remain.

  7. The two comedies I often watch are Modern Family and New Girl. They can both be a little bawdy.

    For my English fix I have been watching Call the Midwife (CTM) and Mr. Selfridge on PBS. Season 1 of CTM is available on Netflix.

  8. The Show Cancellation Committee (I made that up!) has always puzzled me. Great shows get canceled and 'formula' shows - preteens who talk condescending to parents who are clueless - seem to thrive. Would be interesting to sit in on a meeting of the Hollywood Minds, wouldn't it? -- Jan

  9. That is bad news! I love that show! Great characters!!! I've never watched Downton Abbey either, but we love NCIS ( hence Gibbs :) Thanks for stopping by to see Gibbs today. How is Rosie doing? I allow him to get on the sunroom furniture only..the cats and dogs have ruined it. That's why I covered the sofa in drop cloths and I can launder the cushions, which helps. How much does Rosie weigh now? My other goldens were heavy, so we are going to try to keep Gibbs with normal weight. Have a great Sunday.
    xo Nancy

    1. Rosie is 63 pounds these days. Not a puppy anymore! I think that's pretty standard for the female goldens.


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