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May 2, 2013

Go Keith!

You might know from reading my blog 
that I am a huge Keith Urban fan!

As you can see, we are very close...
Such a great guitar player...

So, you would guess that I was thrilled to read - Keith Urban Voted Best "Idol" Judge Ever  according to Country Weekly!  Then I came across an article  TV Guide wrote 8 Reasons Why Keith Urban is our Favorite American Idol Judge".

I must admit that I had never been a big American Idol fan before.  Sure, I watched the first season with Kelly Clarkson and a few seasons on and off in between, but this season THE reason I watched was to see Keith Urban!  If you tuned in yourself, I am sure you would agree that he didn't disappoint.  He brought a whole new level of class to the show and was respectful to the contestants.  Not only is the guy adorable with an amazing voice, but being a true musician allowed him to give constructive criticism and honest advice to the Idol competitors.  It was also obvious he was really enjoying his job as a judge by the way he joked around and acted silly at times.  He was truly a pleasure to watch!

Seriously, how can anyone not love him?  He seems like a genuine person and all around fabulous guy...and judge...and I am sure husband and father!  Nicole you are one lucky woman!

Congratulations Keith!  
Can't wait to see you in concert again this summer!

Did you watch Keith on Idol this season?
Are you now a huge fan too?



  1. I'm a huge fan too! But, even that wasn't enough to get me to watch Idol....can't stand those 2 trollops he has to work with! Adorable pics :)

  2. He is the sweetest! I have met him and he is a tiny guy. Full of energy. I think he is precious on Idol. He represents my home well!

  3. I'm a fan, but I never watch Idol ~ love your cute pics! :)

  4. Cool photos . . .I think that his music is wonderful and watching him on Idol, makes be also believe that he is a very genuine person. Sure can't say that about everyone on the panel, right?
    Have a great day and keep having fun with your photos . . . great job.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  5. He is a cutie... love his music!!! I've seen him live in Cologne/Germany a few years ago... GREAT!!! But sorry... my all time favorit is Kenny ;-)))

    xo ~ Jutta

  6. I'm a fan too. Haven't watched Idol as closely this time, but love it when they get down to the last few!


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