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April 10, 2013

Shopping at Home Decorators Collection

I am sure you receive catalogs from Home Decorators Collection,
but did you know they have a handful of retail stores?

I just recently stumbled upon one 
and was so excited to check it out.
Come along...

I visited the store in Vauxhall, NJ
which is very close to Newark Airport.

It was so exciting to see all the catalog merchandise in person!

The store is huge and seemed to carry all their pieces.

A large selection of clocks...

And lamps.
It was nice to see them up close.

I had been thinking about purchasing one of these slipper chairs for awhile (in a different fabric).  I liked to be able to sit on it and check out the construction of the chair.  Slipper chairs can be hard but this one was pretty comfortable.  It's on my list now.

As well as a few other chairs!

I didn't buy anything that day
but I am happy to report
that the furniture seemed well made and sturdy.
I will definitely be going back soon!

Have you been to any of Home Decorators retail stores?
Here is a link to their locations.

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  1. Wow, I just got the catalog delivered yesterday. I personally like to look at things in person too before buying. Have a great day!

  2. Get out of town!? Oh, I think I need to take a road trip to check that out!

  3. I have seen their catalog a ton but I have never bought anything from them. I am going to see if they have a store in the NoVa area. Thanks for the heads up!!!

  4. I wish there was one of those near me…I always wondered about the quality. Thank you for checking it out for all of us! Looks like a fun place to window shop!

  5. Thanks for sharing this info Shelley. I'm just about an hour from Newark Airport. I love their stuff!

  6. I would be in big trouble in that store! Such a fun place! I've never seen that catalog before! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Yes, we have one here and I have been once. I need to go back.

  8. I never knew there was an actual store. I get their catalogs about once every two weeks. I wish there was one close to NOLA.

  9. I need one of those stores!

  10. I still haven't been in yet, though we have one here. Looks like I should add it to my list :-)

  11. Ive never even heard of this store.. They have some really beautiful items.. Could be trouble for me.. Good thing I've never heard of them before.. LOL

  12. I have had the good fortune to shop at one of those in my area as well. It was just last Christmas! It was nice and I did end up buying one thing. It was a white mortar and pestle for my kitchen. I don't even use it. Just liked how it looked. LOL! I need to go back again sometime. It's a nice store!

  13. We don't have them out here in CO, and I've never seen their catalog! I'll have to request one, like I need another! Ha! :)

  14. I recently bought a mirrored console from there… I had no idea that the store was a hop, skip and a jump away from me! I would have gone to the store instead of ordering online. Another bit of information, my sister told me that Home Decorators is a company of Home Depot, who knew! Thanks for sharing :)

  15. Great collection of decorating items here. Thanks for sharing this blog post.


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