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April 1, 2013


Today is the first of April
so I am joining Alison at
The Polohouse
for her
Favorites on the First Party!

And I just happened to have a few favorite lamps to show you...

This new Target lamp is definitely one of my favorites.
Not only do I love the color and shape of the lamp
but I adore the lampshade...
and the inexpensive Target price!

As I mentioned in my recent post,
I tried a few different looks in that space before I got the look I wanted.

Lampshades really can make a difference.
A couple years ago I changed the lampshades
on my bedroom lamps to these pretties from Pottery Barn:
If you want to see the whole room and the before,
see my post - New Lamp Shades.

Just last month, I switched the shade in my son's room.
I think it looks much fresher now with the gray trimmed drum shade.
It was another inexpensive switch for around $15.00.
I bought the new shade at Lowe's.

Well, that was enough stalling...
I am off to do more laundry now.
We just spent a week in Grand Cayman and I have tons of unpacking to do.
Hopefully, I will get my pictures downloaded tonight
so I can tell you all about our lovely vacation.
How did that week go so fast?

Do you have any lamps you would like to share?
Head over to Alison's Favorites on the First Party!



  1. I love your Target lamp too! I remember when you got it :)

  2. Oh all of your lamps are lovely. I really like the shade on the target one too. Hugs, Marty

  3. Your lamp looks so much like one from Ballards that I have had my eye on (love it, not the price tag!) I'll have to check out Target! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Great lamps! I love them all, hard to pick one specially, but the Target one is very special. Have a terrific week.

  5. I love the lamp from target and your vignette looks so pretty! Hope you had a wonderful time in the Cayman Islands, can't wait to see some pics!

  6. Love the refreshed look in your sons room.

  7. Very pretty those pretty shades too!!

  8. Great lamps. I cannot wait to hear more about Grand Cayman. I love it there.

  9. I love your taste in lamps and shades! What a sweet pooch you have too ;o)

  10. Hi Shelley!
    Love your lamps and isn't it funny what a new shade can do for an older lamp? Great transformation!

    Target does have awesome lamps and their shade selection is fantastic for all the choices they have, but the prices are so good too!

    Can't wait to see your GC vacation pics.
    I want to go there someday!

    Thanks for joining the party!

  11. Love the lamps, especially the chunky one!

  12. Love your lamps. The one from Target is fantastic...

  13. Great looking lamps! I need to check out the lamps at Target.

  14. Love all your lamps, but that first one is gorgeous; and so versatile! Hope you had a nice holiday!

  15. Still love that Target find! Can't wait to see vacation pics! :)


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