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April 26, 2013

Opinions Please - Deciding Between Show Molding vs. Quarter Round

Once again I have a question for you all.  
(Ya'll for you southerners).

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am tackling the next project in my home!  Hurray!  I am getting ready to make a decision on my hardwood floors for my office.  I am most likely going with a hickory in a medium stain or a white oak in a medium stain such as gunstock.  I know, it doesn't seem like I have really made a decision yet, but I am close.  I just have to bring home the samples to decide.

Anyway, I was wondering about shoe molding vs. quarter round.

As you can see, we have the quarter round in my living room.

We also have it our dining room.
The quarter round is stained to match the floor.  

The installer asked it I wanted my office to have the quarter round
or the white shoe molding to match the base molding.

miscellaneous - Benjamin Moore - Smoke - suzie,
source - decor pad
Here is a picture of white shoe molding.
(With a gorgeous color on the wall, I might add!)

You can't see my office from the other two rooms so I don't think mine has to be the same.  Is the quarter round dated?  After all, we have been here 14 years.  I kind of like the idea of the white shoe molding, plus I think it is easier for him to paint it instead of staining it.  My office will not be a high traffic area so it's not like it will get scuffed up.  Then again, who is scuffing up their molding anyway?  It's not like we are running into walls around here or anything!  (Just bouncing off them!)

What do you think?
Quarter round or white shoe molding?

What do you have?
Does it really matter?
Am I obsessing over something trivial and silly?
Am I silly?
Do I need more caffeine today?

Thanks and have a great weekend!


April 23, 2013

Here's Where I Fail

Yesterday I wrote about how I save time.

And although I can be freakishly organized
and completely time managed in some areas of my life,

I definitely fail in others.

One of my downfalls is when it comes to making decisions on house projects!
I have all kinds of ideas.
Just take one look at my Pinterest boards
and you will see that I have plenty of inspiration.
I have a very clear understanding of what I like and don't like.

One problem is that I like too much!

I also have a problem focusing on one area of my home.

There have been times on my blog when I have asked you for your advice on something....and then instead of tackling the project, I move onto another one!  Here are a couple examples:

This post was written October 17, 2011!  Yes, 2011....

Have I added plantation shutters like I had talked about?....No.

This post was written November 7, 2011.  

Have I done anything with my fireplace yet?  No, I have not!

It's not that I don't value the opinions of all you talented bloggers out there, it's just me.  I can't commit sometimes so I move onto something else!  Organizing a closet or a cabinet is so much easier for me, plus it is a way to get instant gratification on a project!

There have been times, when it appeared I was going to commit - like when I made a whole design board for my office - Office Inspiration from Ballard.  Have I started on that room yet?  No.  I haven't even replaced the carpet with hardwood floors which I also babbled on about a few months ago!

I also haven't even finished the Laundry Room tweaking 
although I was SO close on that one!

I realized I better get started on some of these past projects before I start dreaming about new ones.  I almost wrote a post today about how I want to change my kitchen.  Yes, I had a painter come in the other day to give me an estimate on painting the cabinets.  She is supposed to get back to me and then I will have another whole list of decisions I have to make.  I know, pathetic.  I think I must lack some kind of decision making skills.

I just have to focus and not get so caught up in too many things at once.  I do it with my blog sometimes too.  I always read all your comments and try to respond back with emails and visits.  Then I get caught up reading your blogs, drooling over all your talented decorating and laughing over your entertaining writing.  Before I know it, I forget who I actually responded to and who I didn't!

Today, I made the decision.
I am going to get moving on some of those projects listed above!

This morning I called the hard wood floor installer and he is scheduled to stop by Friday morning to give me the estimate to install the floors AND to paint my office!  I am 99 percent sure which floors I am buying so as soon as I get squared away with the installer, I will order the floors and start working on that room!

Let the projects begin!

Do you have problems focusing on one area of your home?
I know some of you will answer no
because I see you plow through projects all the time!
What about the rest of you?
What holds you back?

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April 22, 2013

Ten Time Saving Tips for Moms

In order to save time for the important things in life
like reading blogs spending time with family,
there are certain time saving strategies I use.

Ten Time Saving Tips for Moms

Maybe some of these could work for you!

1.  Take a shower before you do anything else.  There have been times that I think I'll just take a shower after I get the kids on the bus.  This does not work for me.  I end up getting involved in other projects as soon as they leave and then by the time I get to the shower, I take my time.  In other words, I waste time!  On days I take a shower first thing in the morning, I am in-and-out-and-done in record time!

2.  Get some laundry in the machine.   With a family of boys, there is never a shortage of laundry in my house!  To stay ahead of it all, I throw in a load as soon as I come downstairs in the morning.  This way, by the time they are off to school, I am already loading up the dryer with the first washed load.

3.  Beat the clock.  Yes, I play silly games with myself.  On days my husband is able to bring the kids to the bus stop, I race to see how much I can get done before he returns.  First I dash into the downstairs bathroom and wipe down the sink.  I do this because the boys brush their teeth and wet-comb their hair in their each morning on their way out the door.  There is ALWAYS water all over the counter (and sometimes toothpaste too!)  Then I head upstairs and see if I can make the beds before my husband returns.  (I know, I really should have my kids make their own beds...but on weekdays, I don't enforce that!)  On days the bus is running late I am even able to straighten up a few more things.  It's such a sense of accomplishment for me!

3.  Make it purposeful.   If you are running upstairs to get something, grab the folded clothes sitting on the washer and put them in drawers when you get upstairs.  Of course, if you are like me, you will then forget why you went upstairs in the first place...but at least you get something done while you are there!

4.  Never leave dishes in the sink overnight.  I like to start the morning with a spotless kitchen.  I can't concentrate on making breakfast if dishes are piled up all over the place.  Then I can begin unloading the dishwasher while I am making my tea.  And yes, I race against the water boiling in the tea kettle!

5.  Get everything ready the night before.  Not only do I make sure the kitchen is spotless each night, but I also make sure all the essentials are ready for the next morning.  I make sure my kids have packed their backpacks, I sign every needed form for school, the snacks are bagged and I know exactly what I am making for breakfast.  Since we are in the midst of baseball season, I make sure I have the uniforms ready and washed on Fridays for their Saturday games.  It's not like they can wear those dirty white pants a second time without washing!  And why do they make the pants white?  Seriously, what sense does that make?

6.  Lists are essential.  I really cannot live without a list!  Every night, I write a list for the next morning so I  can remember what must be done that day.  I leave the list on the kitchen counter so I can see it while I am getting the kids prepared for school.  And I cross off everything as I get it done.  There is nothing like the accomplishment you feel when you cross an item off a list!

7.  Respond to invitations right away.  Whenever I toss an invitation in a pile to respond at a later time, I end up forgetting where I put it and then waste time looking for the thing so I can R.S.V.P.  If I respond immediately, I can add the event to my calendar right away so I am more prepared.  This also keeps me from last minute gift shopping which causes me to either spend more or buy something without much thought.

8.  Bring a book wherever you go.  Half the time, I am too tired to read at bedtime.  Since I spend a significant amount of time waiting for my kids, I use that time to read.  If I arrive early to pick them up from school for something, I read in the car.  While I am in the waiting room at piano lessons, I read.  During their tennis lessons, I watch and read.  I usually don't end up reading during team sports because I am usually watching and cheering them on.  Plus, it's a great time to get caught up with the other parents!

Iphone features and Ten Time Saving Tips for Moms

9.  Utilize the features on your smart phone.  The calendar alone is a time saver but my iphone has been such a help for me in so many ways.

I set my stopwatch on my phone all the time.  Not only for my crazy cleaning frenzies, but also when I need to get my kids moving.  How many times have your said to your kids, "Ok, in 10 minutes we start homework!", only to discover that a half hour has gone by and they are still playing that video game?  Well, just set your timer and when the phone says it's time, it's time!

I also use my iphone to photo copy a recipe from a friend's magazine and then I have the ingredients right there in front of me when I am grocery shopping.  I also take pictures of products I see in a magazine so I can have the items right in front of me when I try to find them in the store.

I use the Notes feature of my phone to jot down reminders as I think of them so everything is in one place.

Because I like to stay on top of any dog food recalls, I take a picture of the code on our current dog food bag after I pour the food into the storage container.  Then I feel comfortable throwing out the bag because if there happens to be a recall, I can quickly check my numbers.  I know, I go overboard with some things...
Ipone Ideas and Ten Time Saving Tips for Moms

10.  Don't waste the time you spend in line.  When I am waiting in line at the grocery store - or any line for that matter, I take out my phone and check out blogs and Pinterest.  I like to think this will keep me from spending too much time on Pinterest when I am home...but then again, who am I kidding?!!  But at least most places have free wifi these days so why not make that annoying time spent in line a little more enjoyable!

Of course some of these are pretty obvious,
but we all need a reminder every now in then, don't we?


April 18, 2013

Learning a Few Things

First of all, I want to send my prayers
to the people in Boston.
My heart aches for your city.
I can only hope that you all gain strength
from knowing that so many people are praying for you.

I spent most of Monday organizing and cleaning my kitchen cabinets.  Yes, that one cabinet turned into a whole day of cabinet reorganization.  And it all began because I wanted to relocate a few pencils...

I am happy to say that every cabinet is cleaned and organized! 

And every glass was scrubbed until it sparkled.

One thing I have learned about myself is that I may have intentions of doing or changing one thing but it almost always turns into a huge project, no matter what it is!

After the kitchen overhaul,
I began the task of learning how to operate my new camera!  

Yes, I feel like a real blogger now that I purchased a DSLR camera!  Well actually, I didn't purchase it.  I used points from my American Express card on their website,  You can use points through that site to shop at many of their affiliates.  Luckily, Best Buy was one of the shops where you could order online and then go pick up the merchandise in their local store.  It worked out perfectly and I was able to pick up the camera the same day as I placed the order - which happened to be two days before my vacation.  Yes, I lugged the thing all the way to Grand Cayman...and then I never used it!  I assumed I was going to have all this time to learn how, but somehow I was just too busy.  Between having a sick kid the first few days and the fear of getting sand in the new camera, I just thought it was easier to just leave it in the safe for the duration of the trip!  But this week I pulled the camera out and started studying the manual...and I certainly have plenty to learn!  Expect many questions in the future!

Have you learned anything new this week?

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April 15, 2013

Kitchen Storage Dilemma

At the moment, I am elbow deep in kitchen organization.

As you can see,
 some of the glasses that were stored in the back of a cabinet
 have gotten a little dusty.

I don't know if I am more horrified with myself at the moment
for posting for the world to see this.  

Or if I am more horrified at myself
for letting a bunch of margarita glasses go unused
 for such a long period of time!

Either way, I am on a kitchen cleaning/organization frenzy!

This cabinet up above my microwave is in the middle of a "cleaning demolition" at the moment!  The bottom shelf has become a dumping ground for pens, crayons, scissors...all kinds of junk.  There are things in there that really don't belong in the kitchen... But today I am tearing into the cabinet and getting things back in order.  

But as I am cleaning,
and discovering that many of the unused glasses have gotten dusty
I am wondering how most people store their glasses.

I store mine right side up.
These everyday glasses get used constantly.

I have been to some homes that store glasses upside down 
and sometimes I question the cleanliness of the glass rim.
Maybe they have shelf liners that they keep very clean though...

Who knows...

But maybe people question the cleanliness of mine
being right side up...

Either way, I was wondering...

How do you store your glasses?

Now that I have stalled enough,
I am back to cleaning...

Thanks and have a wonderful day!


April 14, 2013

Island Shopping in Grand Cayman

Last week I babbled on about all my vacation adventures
and dining experiences on the island of Grand Cayman.

Today, I will show you where I shopped 
in the precious few minutes I could tear myself away
from all the family activities.

On our last trip to Grand Cayman,
most stores were scattered up the main street in West Bay
where many of the hotels and condos are located.  
Since then, the newer "town" of  Camana Bay has become the place to shop.  

Many large financial companies have office locations in Grand Cayman.
Camana Bay has emerged
as a place to work, live and shop for those residents
and a place to shop for the vacationers who spill over from the resorts.

A collection of upscale stores and unique restaurants
 line the outdoor courtyards.

I was excited to check out the Island Company store!

They carry some of the most adorable island prints.
In fact, I am thrilled that they have an online store so I can still buy something!

Camana Bay even has a Lilly Pulitzer store!
You can read about that here...
Lilly Pulitzer Blog - Store of the Week - The Cabana

I wish I could tell you I purchased bag fulls of fun island merchandise, but I did not.  I spent most of my time in Camana Bay strolling around and browsing.  We did have lunch with the kids there one day, but with them scurrying all over, I could not concentrate on shopping!

On the cloudy day we drove to Rum Point, we drove through the capital and port town of George Town.  George Town is filled with duty free shops that cater to the cruise ship crowd.  I had planned on going back there for some shopping but never got around to it on this trip.

The town is usually packed with tourists and has a different vibe from the rest of the island.  More of a desperate - I have to see everything and buy everything quickly!  Not that I have anything against cruises.  I have never taken a cruise myself, but I find most ports to have that rushed feeling.  Even the island people seem to have more of a "shpeal" there yet seem more relaxed on the rest of the island.  Just my observation.

George Town even has its fair share of theme and commercialized restaurants.  I guess they don't want the tourists to feel too far from home!  In previous years, when we eat in George Town, we have lunch at Guy Harvey's Restaurant which is excellent!  But enough about restaurants, we are talking shopping today!

I had planned on buying some local artwork while I was on vacation
but I had THE hardest time finding anything.

On previous trips to Grand Cayman,
there seemed to be an abundance of art galleries.
I don't know where they went...maybe I imagined them.

I had planned on shopping at the
Kennedy Gallery - Cayman
for artwork but I arrived at closing time on a Thursday and
unfortunately, the sign on the door stated
they would be closed Good Friday through Easter Monday!
Such a shame because I was prepared to spend thousands of

Anyway, the shopping was still fun - of course!
I always love exploring new stores and locations.

Here is a website listing the shopping locations in Grand Cayman.
Cayman Activity Guide - Shopping
I probably should have perused the list before my trip,
(although I am not sure how updated it is!)

What have you purchased
on an island vacation?

Please follow along so you don't miss a post!
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April 10, 2013

Shopping at Home Decorators Collection

I am sure you receive catalogs from Home Decorators Collection,
but did you know they have a handful of retail stores?

I just recently stumbled upon one 
and was so excited to check it out.
Come along...

I visited the store in Vauxhall, NJ
which is very close to Newark Airport.

It was so exciting to see all the catalog merchandise in person!

The store is huge and seemed to carry all their pieces.

A large selection of clocks...

And lamps.
It was nice to see them up close.

I had been thinking about purchasing one of these slipper chairs for awhile (in a different fabric).  I liked to be able to sit on it and check out the construction of the chair.  Slipper chairs can be hard but this one was pretty comfortable.  It's on my list now.

As well as a few other chairs!

I didn't buy anything that day
but I am happy to report
that the furniture seemed well made and sturdy.
I will definitely be going back soon!

Sorry, I know the other day I told you
I would show you some shopping in Grand Cayman 
but I am still sorting through all those pics and links!
I am still on "island time!"

Have you been to any of Home Decorators retail stores?
Here is a link to their locations.

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April 7, 2013

Rosie's Vacation

We weren't the only ones who had a vacation last week!
Our darling doggie had a holiday of her own!

The first half of her week was spent at the kennel.
The second half of her week was spent with my niece
and her two dogs and one cat...
who all LOVE Rosie!

They had a blast together
and my niece did her best to spoil Rosie.
Every night I would receive a text and picture of what Rosie did that day.

My husband is going to kill me when he gets the phone bill though
since I don't have an international plan...ooops!
The condo in Grand Cayman had wifi
so I was able to access the internet and my emails on my phone
but I forgot that I couldn't text.  
This could be interesting.

Anyway, here are some pictures my niece sent me on my phone.

Walking with the boys.
(Rosie is the one on the right.)

The two goldens on a long walk.

Sleeping after an adventurous day.

"Does Rosie always chew her tail?'
my niece asked.
Yes, that doggie can be strange!

This was the big four mile hiking day.
Look at Rosie smiling at the camera!
Such a ham!

Needless to say,
long walks are exhausting!

Look at my sleeping beauty!

She was happy to see us when we picked her up
but I think once she returned home she felt a little lonely.
I am sure she misses all her pals!
At least I know she will be well taken care of
next time we go away!

I guess it's time to plan another vacation!

Do you leave your pets in a kennel or with someone you know?


April 5, 2013

Grand Cayman Restaurants

Since I couldn't fit everything in my huge vacation post,
today I will give you a list of the places we ate in Grand Cayman.

Unfortunately, on the first two nights of our vacation we ended up getting take-out because my son had a fever!  Can you believe the poor kid kicked off the trip with a sickness?  Luckily, we know the restaurants pretty well so we picked up dinner from Ragazzi (a great Italian place with a nice collection of wines) and Legendz which has a huge variety of food ranging from casual salads and burgers to delicious stir fries and grilled fish!

We were able to attempt eating lunch out during the few hours that the Advil kicked in.  My family's first choice was Coconut Joe's.  Dining at Coconut Joe's is one of our silly Grand Cayman rituals.  The kids always beg to go there and I always make a big deal out of hating the place so they can make fun of me.  Actually, I don't hate the place at all.  In fact, their food is quite good.  I used to kind of hate the place because several years ago, they allowed chickens to run freely around the outside eating area of the restaurant.  This used to drive me insane because the chickens would be scurrying around the tables, touching my feet and legs...ick!  Then to make it worse, the kids would throw food down at them and they would swarm us like a scene in an Alfred Hitchcock movie.  It was a pure nightmare for me!  Now every time we go back, the kids search for the chickens but luckily they are now kept out back.  We asked the waitress about them this time and apparently Coconut Joe's had too many complaints over the years!  Yay for me!   I think the kids were disappointed but my husband cheered them up with new Coconut Joe's t-shirts!  Needless, to say, I didn't buy one.  No, but really, the food there is good, casual bar food.  Great for lunch!

Once my son felt better, we began going out to dinner each night.
We always dine one night at The Wharf.  The food is consistently good and we love the ocean front setting.  The kids love the tarpon feedings and spend most of their time watching the fish swim up! 

The restaurant rings the bell during the fish feedings.

Another favorite is The Royal Palms.
We like to sit upstairs in the open air patio.
The food is always wonderful
and my husband swears the best tuna he ever had was at the Royal Palms.

That night we headed to Haagen Dazs for dessert
instead of trying the dessert menu at the restaurant.
I needed my fix of Chocolate Chocolate Chip.

In the "old days', Haagen Dazs was located
 in the same complex of Foster's Food Fair
 but has since moved to a shopping complex called Camana Bay.  
As always, we spent plenty of time at the food store!
Always a necessity when you rent a condo!

Speaking of necessities,
I will never leave Grand Cayman without a dinner
at my favorite restaurant! 
Now, I don't just love it for the name,
but I adore everything about the Calypso Grill!

The restaurant is located on Morgan's Harbor in West Bay, (about 10 or 15 minutes from the condo) so we get to drive down some funny named winding roads with goats and chickens scampering around.  We enjoy eating on the outside patio, but the interior of the restaurant is just as pretty with all the vibrant tropical colors!  I love the energy of the place and the way it's always bustling with happy vacationers.  I always order the delicious mango martini to start.  I have never been disappointed with a meal and usually choose one of the fresh fish specials for my entree.  The amazing "Sticky Toffee Pudding" is a must-have dessert and a perfect way to end the evening.  In fact, the first time we dined there years ago, the waiter insisted that even if we were too full to eat the Sticky Toffee Pudding, we still had to order it and take it home!  Yes, it's that good!

Normally, I have all my reservations set early in the week but when my son got sick, I waited to call the restaurants.  When I finally made the reservation for the Calypso Grill, all they had was 9:15 pm - for the rest of the week!  Not exactly the best time to take two tired kids (and tired Mommy) to dinner!  Anyway, I called back around noon that day and they still didn't have any cancellations.  Then I took at chance and called at 5:00 pm and they were able to seat us at 6:30!  What a relief!  

I would have hated to miss out on my favorite place!

For lunch one day, we tried
in the Camana Bay section of Grand Cayman.
They had a delicious lunch menu made with fresh local ingredients
and I loved how they brought me a whole carafe of iced tea!
  My kids loved it because of the nearby fountains
which they ran through while we waited for our meal.

They may have been a little wet for lunch, but they were happy!

The Lone Star is another lunch spot
which features a Southwestern menu... 
Lots of nachos and burritos that day!

We always enjoy Deckers - a fun indoor/outdoor grill
which is known for its lobster and live music.
They also have some wonderful salads and excellent seafood dishes.
I do think it is odd that they don't offer any after dinner tea though!

On our last night, we had dinner at
(formerly the Hyatt)
They have a beautiful indoor dining room.
(Don't you love the ceiling?!)

But we sat outside.
After all, it was our last night on the island
and we needed to see the sun set over the ocean one more time!

Our food was good but we didn't enjoy it as we had in the past.  Plus when we arrived, they couldn't find our reservation and they acted like it might be a problem seating us.  As you can see, many of the tables were empty so I don't understand what the issue was!  But they were friendly after that and overall it was a nice dining experience.

I could definitely get used to eating out every night!

And since this post ended up being too long,
my next post will highlight places to shop!

Do you have any great Caribbean restaurants to recommend?


April 3, 2013

Grand Cayman 2013

On Saturday, we returned from a week long vacation
on the island of Grand Cayman.

Having this view for a week
made it very difficult to return home!

This was the fourth time,
we stayed at The Avalon Condominiums.
You really can't beat the location
right on Seven Mile Beach.

Each condo has three bedrooms, a full kitchen, living area and balcony/screened in porch.  We have stayed on all three levels at different times.  On this trip, we stayed in a top center unit.  The views were wonderful and the entire balcony was screened in which made it extra nice.  We still can't decide it we prefer the view or being on the bottom level and being able to walk directly out the balcony onto the sand.  Either way, I won't complain!

The rooms were immaculate as always.
In fact, I think they just remodeled the unit we stayed in.  
Every inch of the kitchen was in perfect condition!

The colors in the condo were bright and cheerful.

And this was one of the most comfortable beds we had ever slept in!

Although it was nice being inside...
There is nothing like that color of water right outside our door!

Seriously, how can you not relax here!

The kids always love the pool too!

Even though we have been to Grand Cayman many times before, we still love exploring the island and breaking up all the beach time with some fun activities.

Always on our list...
Rum Point.

Rum Point is on the other side of the island and it takes about an hour to drive over.  On the morning we decided to go, I was worried that the weather wouldn't be nice over there because it was cloudy and windy on our beach.  My husband was like, "Oh, it will be fine".

Unfortunately, it was cloudy and windy over there too!
When will he learn to listen to me?
Oh well.

As you can see, I attempted to recreate the now classic picture from our first walk on the Rum Point Pier in 2009.  In 2010, the boys were very cooperative and happy to be together.  Fast forward three years to the present and they were not thrilled at all.  In fact, I had to force them to hold hands and walk together.  Of course on this trip, it was cloudy and very windy but that was not excuse.  My nine year old acted so annoyed and didn't even stand up straight.  As you can see they look almost the same size.  My younger son is pretty tall, but not as tall as my older son.  So frustrating.  My husband told me to not try to force things, but my heart was broken that they weren't as excited as I was to pose for the new picture.  Boys...

Because of the not so beautiful weather that day, the water was too choppy to rent kayaks.  We were pretty disappointed but we still had fun at lunch - even though it was too windy to eat outside!  Then we shopped a bit, played on the hammocks and headed back.

Luckily, the cloudy day made it perfect to visit our next destination:

Home of the famous blue iguana!

The park was beautiful
even on a cloudy day.

The boys had the best time exploring like they were in the jungle.
I think we had to stop and read the description
on every sign on every tree and plant!  

We loved this old Caymanian house on the property.

And the thatched roof one out back!

But the iguanas were definitely the big attraction!

But the day wasn't over yet!
(Sorry for the long post!)

Next we headed to the 

The Pirates Cave is a park with exotic birds, a petting zoo and cave.  It is located in Bodden Town on the south side of Grand Cayman.   We visited the cave last time we were in Grand Cayman and the kids wanted to go back again.

We walked in as far as we could, but those daring enough could crawl deeper like the pirates did.  Long ago, the cave opened up to the ocean on the other end but over the years the opening has filled in.

Luckily, this time I didn't spot any bats...

But I was thrilled to learn that there are no rabies on Grand Cayman!
And I was even happier to learn that there are no poisonous snakes in the Cayman Islands!

Speaking of wildlife,
we followed up that day
with another fun filled day beginning at

 The kids love visiting the turtles each year.

Unfortunately, this year we happened to arrive
when a bunch of cruise ship tours were coming in
 so it was quite crowded.

The kids loved it anyway!

Afterward we stopped in the nearby town of 

Hell, is basically an area with some ironshore rocks, a touristy gift shop
and a post office so you can send a postcard with a postmark that says "Hell" on it!
Come to think of it, our postcard should be arriving soon!

Oh, and there was a man cutting coconuts.
My son had been dying to try some fresh coconut water.
so he had his chance.

You can't get any fresher than that!
Unfortunately, he really didn't like it...but at least he gave it a try!

But the day wasn't over yet!
 I held my breath while my husband took each son out on the wave runner!
They had the best time ever!

It's a good thing they waited until later to tell me
how they sped up to 50 mph!
I think the wave runners made up for missing the kayaks at Rum Point!

Well, that's a recap of where we stayed
and where we played!

If you need more of a Cayman fix,
check out my old post,
Grand Cayman With Kids.

And stop by tomorrow to explore some restaurants and shopping!

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