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February 6, 2013

Replacing My Clock

Recently my laundry room clock stopped working.

I thought the battery was dead.

But I soon realized that the clock hands
were loose and not moving to the next number.  

I guess I am not surprised
because the clock is not hung in the best location.  
You see, the cabinet door opens right onto the clock. 

I am always careful opening that door,
but I am sure after many accidental knocks,
the clock just couldn't take it anymore and stopped working.

This is not an expensive clock.
  I think I only paid $30 or $40 dollars for it several years ago
so paying to get it fixed probably wouldn't be worth it.

  I know I ordered it online somewhere
 and could probably find another to replace it,
but I am afraid the same thing will happen again.

So I guess I have two options.  One, I could buy another clock.  This time I would look for one with a glass covering so the clock hands won't get bumped.  (Of course, I have to be careful not to smash the glass!)  I like the look of a white face with black around the outside.    I would like to stay in the same size range of 12-14" to fit the space.

Something like this would be nice.
Unfortunately this one is 24" and way too big for the space!
But I do love the look so I would love to find a smaller one.

My second option would be to hang something else in that spot
and maybe put a clock up above where my "Life is Good" sign hangs.  

I could move the sign to a new location, possible over the cabinets.  

Then I could hang a new clock above the door so I could still see the clock from the room as well as when I am walking by the laundry room on my way out the garage.  I just don't know if I want the clock up that high.

Anyway, those are my ideas.
I really like having a clock in the laundry room
so getting rid of one altogether isn't really an option.

Any suggestions?

Oh yeah...
I should also mention that I am thinking of repainting in there now.
See what a simple clock replacement can turn into?
It never ends....


  1. Ikea has a great black and white clock for $50, it's one of my favorites! Have fun!

  2. I noticed lots of clocks at Target yesterday and also Hobby Lobby has lots and wait till they are 50% off.

  3. It's a very pretty clock. Leave it there and put a smaller clock about it. Treat the older clock as art :)

  4. That clock in so pretty and unique I would find out how much it would cost to fix it first, cause sometimes it might not be as much as you would think. or like Dee said you could also treat it like an art piece, cause
    it certainly is.......... by just putting it somewhere else where you
    don't need a clock!
    Thanks for coming by and becoming a follower and also for your sweet
    comments........ya know doing that Thankful Thursday post for almost 4
    years now, has really revolutionized my life to the point I see so many
    more of my blessings now that ever before, cause I am on the lookout for them. lol

    Blessings, Nellie
    I am gonna try to become your follower if I can find where to do it here! lol


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