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February 7, 2013

Hey Girl

Today is the "Hey Girl Linky Party"
and I just had to join in on the silliness.

Since I don't put pictures of my family on my blog...

I only had one choice for my Hey Girl...

Rosie is always there to help me out!

Have a great day everyone!

If you would like to join in,
head on over to any of these blogs:

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Bliss Ranch
Domestic Imperfection
Two Twenty One
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  1. Man. Rosie has some power. I wish Ike had that kind of pull around here. ;) Thanks so much for joining in on the madness!

  2. LOVE the Hey Girl fun...cracks me up! Give that girl a treat!

  3. Oh yes! Everyone knows dogs are girl's best friend and this just proves it! :) Hilarious! Thanks so much for joining in!

  4. lol!! So cute :) Love the animal shots the best!

  5. Ah ha ha ha.... you know the snow isn't so bad on the carpet, it's when it starts to melt and the dirty snow comes with it. Just how much snow you get these days with that sand?


  6. lol so sweet! I love it! And I'm having fun reading all the links at the party.
    Debbie :)

  7. I am a sucker for really cute dogs. This is so funny!

  8. That's my dream....hardwoods throughout the entire house!

    Linking from Bliss Ranch,
    Ricki Jill

  9. Hmmm I have seven dogs I need to make a photo like this maybe hubby will install the hardwoods I want!.. LOL Loved this post :)

  10. So cute…and yes, hardwood floors are so much easier with dogs! My rosie girl is an angel ! She's a Blenheim King Charles Spaniel and rules the roost! Except for Zoie…my other Hey girl who is the new addition! My morkie that is precious! Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments!

  11. Genius! Love it. Best dog "hey girl" for sure. Lol....

  12. Adorable! I LOVE your Rosie and I have a golden that looks almost just like her!


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