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January 16, 2013

Yoga Mats Can Be Pretty

Isn't this a cute yoga mat?

Yoga Mat - This one is almost pretty enough to be mistaken for a rug!

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I just picked it up yesterday in anticipation of this morning's yoga class.  At first I was going to swing by Five Below and buy one of their cheapo ones, but since I know many yoga mats are made out of PVC and all kind of hormone disruptive chemicals, I decided against that idea.  Instead, I stopped by the local health food store and purchased this one from Gaiam.  This brand is free of the "top six most harmful phthalates" and although it was more expensive (around $22.00), I felt better knowing I am not exposing myself to all those nasty chemicals.  Who wants to disrupt any hormones when menopause could be just a few years away?!!!

Unfortunately, I later confirmed that although the Gaiam is free of those 6 phthalates, the mat I chose is still made of PVC - like most yoga mats...oh well.  The company does carry some that are non-PVC.  I guess I didn't notice that when I was at the store.  Well, at least it is still pretty... It looks like an area rug and the colors are kind of beachy, so it works for me!  If are interested and your local health food store does not carry these, I found this Gaiam Yoga mat which has bunch of different patterns and colors to choose from!

Yoga Mat - There are so many pretty new styles on the market these days!

Why this sudden interest in yoga, you ask?  Well, I am the coordinator for our local MOMS Club "Empty Nester" events.  Basically, that means I plan an outing each month and invite MOMS Club members.  Anyone who does not have a child at home is welcome to join us and spend some time with the adults in a planned monthly activity.

In the past, I have organized pedicures, breakfasts, lunches, shopping trips...but this month I invited everyone to attend a drop-in beginners yoga class.  January is generally a get-back-in-shape-month and I thought yoga would be a fun way to ease into that.  Plus, it has been years since I have done any yoga.  I used to take a class back in the days when I worked in an office.  I found yoga to be a great stress reliever and I enjoyed making the time for myself to do something healthy.

But of course, after I bought my new mat and put together a cute yoga ensemble, we woke up to an icy morning with a 2 hour delay for school.  So much for that yoga class this morning!  Oh well...I will have to reschedule since several friends are interested in attending.  And after all, I have to use my pretty new mat!

 Have you started any new fitness routines?

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  1. I love your new yoga mat. It's super cute. We woke up to a 2 hour delay too...but I was so happy to get the extra sleep! Thanks for sharing at DIYbyDesign.

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  3. Very cute mat! Get used to the snow, I'm hearing more for tomm night. We escaped this time, just rain.

  4. I didn't know you could get a yoga mat without pvc. I need to look at mine, I'm sure it is pvc.

  5. Bummer on the yoga/ice. You're ready for next time!

  6. What a great idea to have outings for moms only. I wish more groups like that had existed when I was a young mother.

  7. I started yoga as an empty nester years ago. So good for the soul. Did you see our Yoga Studio we designed? That was so much fun. How's your puppy doing? MIne is sooooooo busy! we are flunking potty training, sort of. After he goes outside successfully he has still had a few accidents.. he's only 8 weeks so I guess he'll get it soon..hopefully!
    xo Nancy

  8. How pretty is that mat? Mine seemed tasty to some critters in our garage, so now I am in the market for a new one. Thanks for sharing about what they're made out of being harmful….I wouldn't have even considered that before. So good to know!

  9. Love the yoga mat. I have a Gaiam one with a bamboo design. I love it. You are on it for an hour staring at it so splurge.

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    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick


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