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January 14, 2013

Weekend Pupdate #48

The Weekend Pupdate is a little late this week...

While most of the country is battling the flu,
(not us yet - knock on wood!).
my little Rosie has been battling a stomach issue.

My little sweetie hasn't had an accident in ages, yet Sunday morning I woke up to two very messy accidents on the carpeting - of course!  Then she seemed fine for the rest of the day.  She was her usual friendly self during my 9 year old's birthday dinner.  But after the relatives went home, things took a turn and she had a couple more accidents.  So unlike her.  

Anyway, we decided at that point to barricade her in half of the kitchen and hallway for the night.  I won't even go into the mess I found in the kitchen this morning, but needless to say, I had her at the vet by 9:45 am.  They checked her for parasites which came up negative.  Then they injected her with fluids and gave me instructions to not feed her food or water until tomorrow morning.  At that point I will start her on a bland diet of rice and chicken for a couple days and then slowly introduce regular food.  I also have to give her medicine twice a day.  

My guess is that she either picked up something at the kennel last week or maybe ate something in the deer poop!  Ugh!  Well, what can you do?...

My son made this last night.  He just loves that dog!

But hopefully my little girl will be feeling better soon.
I want to see her relaxed like this again...
Feel better Rosie!

Any stomach issues or flu in your house?


  1. The little get well soon card is adorable. My dog had the same thing a couple of weeks ago too, so I just fed her a bland diet of rice and chicken. She is fine now. Hope Rosie is too!

  2. I have been through that so many times with Bailey in the past. Knock on wood she had been fine for quite some time. Poor Rosie. No flu here thank goodness!

  3. Aww, poor girl ~ don't you just feel awful for them? Hallmark has nothing on your son's cute card! :)

  4. Btw, do you read Powell Brower Home, Nancy got a new Golden pup on the weekend. I told her about your pupdates!

    1. I will go over and introduce myself...and Rosie! Thanks Pam!

  5. She is soooo cute. I hope she's feeling better! Thanks for stopping over. Let's keep in touch!
    xo Nancy
    PS I love the Caribbean, too!


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