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November 25, 2012

Weekend Pupdate #41

As it turned out,
I didn't have anything to worry about
with Rosie and Thanksgiving.

Not only was she an absolute angel with our crowd of 18 guests,
but she managed to make everyone fall in love with her.

As you can see,
she worked her way up onto the couch at one point.
I don't think my step-father minded one bit!

With all the attention she got during the day,
she was exhausted by the time everyone left.
And we couldn't blame the tryptophan in the turkey
since she never even had any!

So all my worrying about Rosie
 being trouble on turkey day was unnecessary.

Now my next concern
is bringing a live Christmas tree into the house.
She gets into everything outside!
This could be interesting!

But at least we survived Thanksgiving!
Did your pets behave on Thanksgiving?


  1. Thankfully, yes! She is too cute soaking up that attention (on the sofa!). :)

  2. What a sweet pup she is! She looks to be a natural at getting attention. All our pets were well behaved this year- even our littles addition- a 7 month old kitten. We put up one tree last night and he is naturally curious about it- but so far all is well....

  3. I love checking in on my favorite (girl!) golden! She is so sweet...glad she behaved herself! I'm sure she'll be fine with the tree. Since it will be inside with the other "inside stuff that is off limits" I'm guessing she'll understand pretty quickly not to mess with it!


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