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November 9, 2012

Life is Good...

As of about 2:10 this afternoon our POWER CAME BACK!!!!

I am so happy, I can barely contain myself!  The kids and I were at my mom's house doing laundry when I got the text from my husband.  It was more exciting than Christmas morning for all of us!  The kids were chanting, "We have power!" and they wanted to go home immediately so we could turn things on!  I couldn't wait either so I pulled my still slightly damp clothes out of the dryer and we jumped in the car. 

We decided to first swing by McDonald's for some milkshakes to celebrate.  In the parking lot there were two trucks from the North Carolina power company - PIKE.  We stopped and waved thank you.  While we were in line, my younger son spent the whole time shouting to them, "Thanks for the power!"  The guys just laughed and waved.  We are SO appreciative of all the wonderful people who have helped out from around the country.  Over the past few days, we have seen trucks from Ohio, North Carolina and Georgia.  I also heard South Carolina and Alabama were around here too...and I am sure there were more.  The outpouring of love and support from around the country has been amazing.

As you know, our state was hit hard -especially along coastal areas.  I thought I would  share some links below with you.  The first one shows some devastating befores and afters.  My heart breaks for these towns along the shore.  These are homes and the places we spend our summers...

I think it is so important to help out as much as possible.  There are so many families who lost much more than two weeks of power.  So far, the kids and I have dropped off some snacks and toiletries at a nearby Red Cross Shelter and I ordered our family t-shirts from  (If you check out that site, just make sure you have Google Chrome or a newer version of Internet Explorer because they were having problems with their site.)    The shirts are $10 and $5 goes to the  The Sandy NJ Relief Fund is the fund set up by Governor Christie and his wife to help rebuild New Jersey.  We are planning on donating and helping out as much as we can. 

Collections and charity drives are going on all over the place
 and it makes me so happy to see people come together this way.

So, things are back to normal for us.
But it's a new normal.

I have a fresh appreciation
 for people who give from their hearts and of their time.
There are so many good people in this world
and although I already knew that,
I now feel it.
Like I said, life is good...

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone
 who is still suffering from this devastation.
Stay "Jersey Strong"!

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  1. So glad to hear power is coming up in more places over the state. My family and I have been very blessed that we only lost power for a few days. We've been cooking up a storm and feeding neighbors with hot meals and dropping of lots of home cooked food at the JCP&L stations to keep those workers fueled up.

    1. Great idea to drop off meals for JCP&L! We need to keep those guys nourished! Thanks for stopping by and I am glad you only lost power a few days!

  2. I know exactly how you feel when it comes to power. WOW! How long were you without it? After the past two hurricanes in NOLA, we were out for 4-5 days. The not knowing is the worst. Thinking of y'all often.

    1. Thanks for checking in Ron - you are so sweet. We were without power for 12 long days!

  3. So happy for your family. The saying "You don't know what ya got til it's gone" weighs in heavy huh! I feel so sorry for everyone effected and some still without power...oh my goodness! Anyway, I'm glad your all safe and back at home.

    1. Thanks, it is great to be back to normal! I have learned to appreciate things in a whole new way!

  4. Hi, so glad your electricity is on. I am from Oregon and yes we sent people from our electric company back east also. Probably without trucks from this far. Its great that people went from all over to help.


  5. Hi, I'm really glad your power is back. My sister lives in Marlboro and she was without power for so long too.
    I don't think I am going to have power for at least a month more because of the area we live in. People from all over are here to help us. Thanks to everyone's generosity!

  6. Thank you for all the ways to reach out and help. I am heart broken whenever I speech with my family in NJ - so hard to be so far away from those I love when they are suffering. So happy to hear you have power!

  7. So happy you finally got power!
    We were lucky with our house in Long Beach Island. No damage at all. The house is on the Barnegat light side. Blessed is more like it.


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