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November 19, 2012

Charleston - Restaurants and Shopping

Are you sick of hearing about my Charleston trip yet?
Today, will be the last installment of my girls getaway.
I promise.

I will show you where we ate, shopped...
and had a few cocktails...
Our first lunch was at the Fleet Landing.
What a fabulous way to start our Charleston dining experience.
The food was outstanding - and it was just lunch!
We had fish tacos
and a delicious fried green tomato BLT
(with arugula for the lettuce so I guess it was a BAT to be exact).  Delish!

Wall art...

Here is the view from the table.

What fun - I never get to have cocktails at lunch!

That night for dinner we were able to get a last minute table
Excellent restaurant.

And the drinks were very festive too!

Three broads at Slightly North of Broad.
We ordered a bunch of healthy appetizers and salads for our meal
so we were able to sample a wide selection without feeling too full.
I think we kept the waiter entertained with our ridiculousness!
Why are people so fascinated when you say you are from New Jersey?

The next day, our friend from Savannah
 drove up and met us for lunch on Sullivan's Island.
We ate at the bar at Poe's Tavern.
Fun place!

We loved the decor.

Lots of funny things to keep us entertained.

 Not that we needed any help in the entertainment department!
Seriously, I don't think I have had drinks at lunch
since my husband and I traveled to the Caribbean without kids!

After lunch and a few drinks, 
we visited an art gallery and then took a stumble stroll onto the beach.
Yes, a few more homes I would love to own...

Such a beautiful place,
although I felt sad thinking about
what the Jersey Shore is looking like these days.

That evening back in Charleston,
we started out with appetizers (and yes) drinks
at the roof top bar at the Vendue Inn.

It was a beautiful evening to be outside.
The band was playing Zac Brown
 so I could have stayed there all night!

I was beginning to feel a little homesick as we watched three little boys and their fathers pull up to the table next to ours.  The fathers kept apologizing for all the ruckus going on, but we just laughed.  The fathers were obviously not used to handling this type of outing.  (I wondered how my husband and boys were doing at home.)  All three of the boys had huge lollipops in their hands when they walked in...those big round ones that kids beg for at a candy store but you would never buy them for fear that the sugar rush and eventual sugar crash would be too much to handle.  These men had their work cut out for them.  At one point, one boy put his lollipop down on the table and then casually picked it up again and stuck it in his mouth.  No one seemed to be concerned with germs.  And speaking of germs, one of the boys thought it was funny to pick up a napkin from under the table and then stick it to his face.  Then they started running all over and to calm them down, the fathers ordered them sodas.  Because the lollipop sugar was not enough.  It was just too funny.

Anyway, the views from the rooftop were gorgeous.

You can see the Harbourview Inn where we stayed
on the left.

Just call AA now...
We wondered why two of us had normal glasses
and one drink came in a plastic cup...

The sun set on our last night in Charleston
and it was time to move on to dinner.

Dinner that night was at the Southend Brewery.
We were exhausted by that point
but the food was very good and the restaurant was full of energy.
And not only was the restaurant bustling with adults
but the (now frazzled) dads and the three little boys from the rooftop bar showed up.
By then I think two of the boys were being carried in.
Obviously the sugar crash had occurred.  Such entertainment.

We made sure we had some hush puppies before we left.
Can't miss out on all the southern cuisine.
I must say, I actually thought the hush puppies
 were better in Savannah though.

During our stay,
we also shopped in some of the charming shoppes
like The Spice and Tea Exchange
 where I stocked up on some teas.

I have been drinking them every day since,
 in fact I am almost out already.
Time for another trip back!

We also shopped in the outdoor market
where we picked up some jewelry and a few other trinkets.
There were so many vendors selling such beautiful hand made things.
We wished we had more time to browse
but that would have probably meant spending more money!
Either way, it was a wonderful city to visit!

If you want to read more about my experiences
in the lovely city of Charleston,
here are my links to those posts:
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I just have to get back there someday!

Have you been to any great places recently?



  1. I too love Charleston and can never tire of your posts. Looks like you had a blast:)

  2. I love me some good food and shopping! I'm way predictable and way girly like that. :) That wall art is really fun! If I ever have a water-facing sunroom...

  3. You seem like you had a wonderful time, I love your post on Charleston. I hope to get there one of these days! Right now I have bigger fish to fry, as you know. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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