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September 16, 2012

Weekend Pupdate #31

Golden Retrievers are known to be a very "mouthy breed"
so Rosie must be a typical Golden!

She is always chewing on something!

She had a great time chasing after this ball...
until she decided to carry it (and pop it!)

Even with her cone on after getting spayed,
she had to have something in her mouth!

She is obsessed with bully sticks
and will chew them up in one sitting.
I take them away as soon as they get small enough to choke on.

Luckily, most of her soft toys have been spared.
She will chew on them a little 
but she mostly likes to just carry them around... she does with the newspaper.

Enjoy your week everyone!



  1. What a beautiful girl! Hope all is well with you. xo

  2. She is growing up way too fast! Rio does the exact same thing, aren't they so gentle though? Have a great week Shelley!

  3. She is such a beauty, Shelley! Sounds like she has a great personality and keeps herself busy!
    I found the funniest site today, maybe you'll get a kick out of it too, about the naughty things dogs do. I need to submit a photo of my dog!

  4. Oh, I'm sooooo jealous! What a gorgeous, gorgeous puppy!! Well, not so much of a puppy any more! She looks like she's well and truly finding her feet!


  5. I love your Rosie updates! She is so darn cute.

    We used to give our yellow lab Nylabones to chew on.


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