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September 24, 2012

Advice Needed on Bed Sheets!

I swear, I should never buy anything
without properly researching it first!

Yesterday, I happened to be in Macy's during a sale and decided to buy some new sheets.  I tend to go for percale over sateen.  Sateen can sometimes feel too slippery-silky for me.  Normally, I like a nice, crisp percale with a high thread count.  I once had a set of Calvin Klein sheets that felt like butter.  I have yet to find another set as wonderful as those...

Anyway, so I found a set of 400 count percale Martha Stewart sheets and asked if there were any other percale that they carry.  Apparently, this was the only one they had listed as "percale" so I decided to buy them.  They were on sale plus I had a coupon.  The sheets even claimed to be "wrinkle resistant", which usually doesn't matter too much to me.  I have some Wamsutta sheets that don't claim to be "wrinkle resistant," and they are just fine.  Anyway, I washed the new "wrinkle resistant" sheets last night and put them on the bed this morning.

Does this look like "wrinkle resistant" to you?!!!

I don't think so!!!

How awful is that?!!  The problem is, that I threw out all the packaging they came in.  I have the receipt but I don't think Macy's would take them back without anything else.  What do you think, should I even try?

So, now I am researching sheets
and would love your advice.

What are your favorite sheets?


  1. That's terrible - you should take them back - especially since you have the receipt. Just throw them in a bag and schlept them back in - it's the manufacturer's problem for false adverstising!
    I just bought sheets at TJMaxx that are Tahari. They are only 300 thread count but since they were Tahari I thought I'd try them, and they are heavenly!! I have bought 600 thread count sheets (supposedly) that were scratchy and terrible, so I don't know what it is about the thread count but we love these.

    1. Great - I will definitely check out TJ Maxx! Thanks Lisa!

  2. Sheets are a funny thing. I would definitely try to return them. I had a similar issue but I did keep the packaging and I did return them. I just bought pottery barn ones which were super expensive and I can't say that I am that impressed. They are similar in quality to ones I bought at Target. Good luck.

    1. I have wondered about the Pottery Barn ones...good to know! Thanks!

  3. My absolute favorite is Ralph Lauren sheets, but I get them at Home Goods or on ebay. Don't pay what they want at Macy's. They are so soft and come out of the dryer great. I also like Pottery Barns and get them on sale.

  4. I hate to say it, but I have some sheets from Target that I love. They don't wrinkle and are crisp and pretty.

  5. I have no earthly idea as my sheets are always a mess under their pretty duvets :-) Can't wait to see the advise you get!


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